Top 4 Bacteria-Eliminating Automated Laundry Racks

Automated Laundry Who? Ever since the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, we’ve become more aware of our health and hygiene. Immediately after coming home, we throw our clothes into the laundry bin, and off it goes into a wash. We then hang the clothes, in hopes that they’re going to be clean and dry, only to be disappointed when we find the load still damp after a few days.


Well, perhaps the load didn’t get enough sunlight, and perhaps it was flushed wet by the rain and we didn’t manage to get it in. What’s worse, they could still be infected with bacteria from the air! Laundry woes – we all get them.

An automated laundry rack seems to be the miracle solution our wet laundry needs. Hear us out: they are space-efficient, controllable, and UV-equipped! Simply hang your clothes up on the rod, press a few buttons, and let the electronics dry your clothes with heat technology.

Of course, there has to be variations from each brand. We’ll show you what they are, and hopefully after reading, you’ll hurry to check out the size of your service yard faster than you can say “automated laundry system”!

Yuhome 366H (SGD 750)

Automated laundry rack - Yuhome 366H
Length: 1.4m, Extendable up to 2.4m

Yu Home 366H has got all the basics of an automated laundry rack: a remote controller; heat and wind technology; UV light penetration to eliminate bacteria and germs; 24W LED light and extendable poles. It carries up to 35kg maximum and is made of durable steel. Pretty basic for $750, but we appreciate its negative ion purification feature that can remove any odors surrounding our clothes.

Orlant M-13 (SGD 899)

Automated laundry rack - Orlant M-13
Length: 1.3m, Extendable up to 2.3m

Orlant’s M-13 carries up to 35kg laundry load, and comes with 2 separate 10W LED lights. Its heat-concentrated dry bag ensures that the heat only circulates around the clothes. This way, it won’t overheat your service yard area, conserving energy to dry the laundry only. Its special feature is that the UV rays are limited to a 1.5m range, making it safe for adults, children, and pets, going gentle on the skin and eyes.

Varlux 1.3M UF (SGD 699)

Automated laundry rack -Varlux 1.3M UF
Length: 1.3m, Extendable up to 2.2m

Varlux is your standard remote operated laundry system. Equipped with a motor fan and UV lights, it does the job quite well with four poles hung from durable metal braided wires. The best part of this Varlux model is that it carries up to 40kg! This way you can wash and disinfect more clothes at one go. This is suitable for families who typically have more clothes to wash per load. And in case your apartment space is smaller, this Varlux model (and all their other ones) are relatively smaller in size.

Steigen Solar (SGD 999)

Automated laundry rack - Steigen Solar
Length: 1.3m, Extendable up to 2m

A popular brand name for automated laundry racks, the Steigen Solar series starting at $999 is worth mentioning in this list of bacteria busters. Instead of using UV rays, its system simulates solar heat which automatically kills bacteria and eliminates airborne allergens. It holds a maximum of 45kg, and will promise to ionise any of the musty odor in the laundry. On top of that, it boasts a mobile app integration, which means you can control it even when you’re working a late night in the office!

Things you should know before buying

I know, I know – it is quite exciting to see how innovative laundry chores have become, thanks to technology. But before choosing which bacteria-free laundry rack to buy, here are a few things you should know first.

Find out the width, length, and ceiling height of your service yard to help you find a rack in the right size. Next, identify the type of installation that is needed based on your ceiling and space (companies usually send over their staff to assess your space before an installation). Finally, find out about the length and types of warranty provided by the seller. With these in mind, you should be good to go!

Have fun shopping, and say goodbye to laundry woes!

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