Transform Bare Corners into Useful, Inviting Spaces

Bare, awkward corners tend to stick out, making your beautiful home look weird. While this is the most overlooked space during renovations, they offer the opportunity to facelift your décor. In fact, your space isn’t complete until you turn all nooks into beautiful, functional spaces.

The best part is that you shouldn’t stress out over these strange spaces as it doesn’t take much to decorate. Here are stylish corner decorating ideas to polish off every inch of your home:

Decorate with Corner Shelves

Bedroom with corner shelves

Awkward corners in your room layout offer you a golden opportunity to create functional storage space. In this bedroom space, Fineline provides a time-honored solution to the space-consuming corner by adding recessed shelves for displaying your beautiful accessories or keeping your knick and knacks and trinkets. This way, you add to the character of your living space.

Alternatively, install floating shelves that wrap around odd angles to maximize space without taking up your floor space.

Refreshing Indoor Greenery

Living room with plant

Plants inject dimension, texture and a dose of greenery to any space. We can all agree Scandinavians love nature. And in this refreshing Scandinavian-inspired living room by Fineline, a tall potted plant is added for a strong visual impact while giving the room a natural feel.

You can also notice how the corner plant reflects the couch’s yellow print in this living area.  The natural light through the large window provides the plant with all the needed sunlight.

As potted plants are unobtrusive, pop one or two potted plants at the corner of your room and add some and create a natural focal point to the space.  Your guests will as well love and enjoy the fresh air from the plants.

Add a Sectional Sofa

L shaped sofa

Besides placing a corner potted plant, an L-shaped sofa makes a perfect corner placement.  In this elegant contemporary living space by Pins studio, a large grey L-shape sectional sofa seamlessly occupies the corner presenting a perfect lounging spot.  Not only does this create a remarkably spacious living space, but you also get to take advantage of the large windows for comfortable lounging while enjoying unparalleled panoramic views of the city.

A sectional sofa on the corner also promotes easier conversation, rendering it ideal for family nights and entertaining.

Home Office Corner

Home office corner

What’s better than a cozy and elegant workstation in the corner of your living area? Empty corner space is undeniably the perfect location for a corner desk.  Pop in an ergonomic chair, laptop and proper lighting and you have a fully functioning home office.

Much better in this corner home office is the strategic position of the window, opening up the office space to the lovely outdoor views while bringing in some fresh air. To spruce up the corner office, beautiful artwork on the wall serves as a superb backdrop for an eye-catching display.

The wall cabinets and open shelves give the space a more organized look while allowing you ample valuable space that’s aesthetically pleasing.

A Cozy Reading Nook

Cozy reading nook

A reading nook in a corner is the perfect spot to curl up with a favorite novel.  This creative designer was able to turn an odd space into a warm, cozy reading nook.  The wall-to-wall floating shelves create a linear, clean display to conceal accessories and display your book collection.

The space is also adorned with a new twist and functional value by adding a custom built-in bench with soft cushion and plenty of colorful throw pillows.

Customize a Breakfast Nook

Dining area with breakfast nook

Another way to create new charm and comfort to a lackluster kitchen corner is by customizing a breakfast nook.

This lovely Scandinavian breakfast nook by Darwin Interior fits seamlessly into a previously unused corner. The use of neutral colors gives this breakfast nook a classic and timeless appeal. This classic breakfast nook has a built-in bench that perfectly wraps the corner and two upholstered chairs for added seating space. The upholstered seats rest on legs with a similar dark-stained wood as the rectangle table.

Sleek, modern inspired furniture, light fixtures, and dramatic artwork top things off.  

Whether you choose to relax and savor the morning hours with a cup of coffee, or freshen up with a smoothie a breakfast nook is sure to provide you the much-needed comfort and casual space.

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