Transforming Spaces With Artspaze

transforming spaces with artspaze

Functional, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. That is how we envision our homes to be. It is akin to how our mobile phones have evolved, from being a device that is purely a communication tool, to a multi-functional must-have, either by tracking our daily steps, or binge watching of Netflix dramas. Now, we simply cannot live without such an efficient and functional device.  Our home should work the same way too. An empty wall can be converted into efficient storage, a sofa into a functional bed and a door into a aesthetically pleasing mirror.

When Artspaze was entrusted with this 4-bedroom built-to-order project at 351 Anchorvale, they saw the vision of the future and applied it into its interior design, adding a touch of modern luxe into the mix.

The renovation costs look like a steal at $45,000, as there is absolutely nothing we’d want to change about this handsomely designed home.


While interior designers are asking their clients about open or closed concept kitchens, Artspaze went ahead to create one that works both ways.


Just check out the bi-fold window.

bifold window

When food is prepped, there is no need to shut the windows and inhibit the natural circulation of the home. Have conversations with your family (or friends, if you have them over for a potluck) when you are in the kitchen. However, if you are looking to do some stir-fry or deep frying, simply close the bi-fold window, so the smell of what you are cooking does not waft over and “stain” the furnishings. There’s no need to go in and out of the kitchen for food, just pass it over through the bi-fold windows!

Plus, having cabinets that double up as kitchen worktops give the owners added flexible spaze to place their kitchen appliances and work on food prep like chopping vegetables, kneading bread or decorating cakes.

dining area
living room

The living room is a symphony of neutral colours that range from light hues and dark furnishings. The yin and yang of colour creates a balanced and serene mood, providing a perfect setting for the homeowners to unwind and relax.


Perhaps, the ingenuity lies in the storage system in the living room. With the clever addition of the bi-fold doors, the usable storage is increased significantly. Every item is easily located over a single glance, bringing the functional user experience to another level.

feature wall

When closed, the boarded cabinetry gives an unassuming visual impression, and encourages a seamless and clean outlook Rich marble veins are a match made in heaven with light wood grains, and Artspaze created a grand dramatic statement by gracing the television backdrop with bookmatched Lunigiana marble laminates, carrying a unique showpiece from the northern most point of Tuscany, Italy.

living room

Clever usage of mood and ambient lighting can transform a spaze instantaneously. Added warmth is illuminated by the recessed lights above and under the living room cabinets, making the atmosphere cozy, comfortable, and welcoming.

toilet and sink

Exuding the same sophistication and warmth as a spa resort’s bathroom, you will feel as if you are instantly teleported into one upon entering the en suite bathroom. The walls are furnished off with glazed wood grain tiles, contrasted with the basalt grey floor tiles. Additional layers of mood lighting provided different illumination and depth to the overall spaze.


The rose-gold accents and detailing are matched with an elevated shower area, creating an additional sense of exclusivity and class to the bathroom.

master bedroom

The bedroom is no less romantic than the bathroom. Mauves, browns and creams mould together to invoke feelings of sentimentality.

Other than the unique colour palette used here, the designer’s approach in creating and separating the Master Suite with a Walk-in-Wardrobe, together with a dedicated bags display shelf and a generously spaced dresser is one to imitate.


From the master to the common bedroom, you can spot the shift in mood. Embracing the dark side with greys for walls, the furnishings take on a lighter wooden tone, creating a harmonious look.

The workspace is also multi-functional and conducive, with the table top doubling as a flip-up dresser table. The platform bed is also packed with storage drawers and compartments, creating additional spaze for the young daughter.

If you love how this project was designed, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the interior designer that made it happen!

With a tagline of “We are not just your Interior Designers. We Are More.” Artspaze will definitely create a home that suits you. For more Scandinavian interior designs in Singapore, check out Renodots’ Goodreads.

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