Sofas are like the centrepiece of any living room – whereupon people invite family, friends and guests to gather at or simply treat it as their own prime lounging spot. Coming in a myriad of styles and innovative functions, sofas are the hallmark of any modern living room and can be the perfect way to emphasise your home’s theme. Here are some noteworthy types of sofas you can get for your unique tastes and aesthetic sense that will fulfil your every need.

Clean and textured

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Clean and textured sofas are for those who love minimalistic, earthy themes, perhaps with a neutral colour scheme. Those of you drawn to its appeal probably like a blend of comfort and orderliness, inducing a sense of calm and groundedness.

Colourful mid-century

mid-century sofa

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The mid-century sofa tends is a contemporary favourite for stand-out, visually stunning homes. It toes the line at an almost standard-looking sofa made for comfort, crossing into snazzy, bold territory. If you want to shrug off straightlaced, square vibes and enter a sphere of elegance and trendiness, mid-century is the way to go.

Sophisticated leather

leather sofas

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Leather sofas can remind us a little of that intimidating grandparent whose demeanour is always sullen yet poised, ready to berate you at any moment. However, they do not necessarily have to connote seriousness in spite of their decades-old, sophisticated look. Leather sofas are perfect for old souls, hipsters or those looking for furniture that will give off a traditional, put-together air when they invite guests whom they want to impress over.


Classic sofas are another alternative to leather ones, which can be a little too old-fashioned for some. Classic sofas come in a great variety, comprising cabriole, settee and chesterfield sofas respectively as depicted below.

classic white sofa

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rustic white loveseat

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These eternal favourites come in countless variants; modern, traditional, rustic, and even semi-regal types of sofas. Either way, these loveseats are perfect for anybody who loves a classy centre of focus in their living room – and perhaps even those who want to feel like a king or queen in their own home each day.

English roll arm

English roll arm sofas


English roll arm sofas are the friendly boy or girl-next-door of sofas. They are impossible to hate, may look a little sloppy or lumpy, but are ultimately the most comfortable of the lot. These are the quintessential couch potato enablers because sitting on them feels just like a warm hug, who doesn’t love a sofa that is unpretentiously simple and soft in all the right places?

Modern sectional

modern sectional sofa

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Modern sectional sofas are of the newer innovations in furniture design, full of bold, bright primary colours and its defining feature: the curved seat. They go well with patterns, and contemporary, youthful, artistic styles. The curved, design of the sofa above for example, is especially great for group gatherings since the rounded side makes people sitting around on it able to face each other and interact more directly. Hence, if you are used to being the party host or inviting friends over for dinners, modern sectional sofas might be the one for you.


chaise yellow sofa

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Chaise sofas are part of the new wave of unconventional-looking modern sofas. They were most probably created out of a practical desire for a sofa that one can lie down upon without having to lie on one’s side. Its unique L-shaped infrastructure certainly reduces discomfort for avid television series bingers, and is perfect for families as well due to its size.

Sofa bed

green sofa bed

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Lastly, this sofa has been making waves all over the world with its stylishness, convenience and functionality. The sofa bed is truly the symbol of 21st-century furniture: forward-thinking and effortlessly beautiful. It is easily obtainable at your local IKEA store and is great for those with a tight budget or tiny apartment. As shown below, the famous IKEA sofa bed is foldable, making it incredibly useful and space-efficient. It goes without saying that with a sofa bed, comfort and ease definitely come in a package deal.

space-efficient sofa

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storage sofa

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