Two Contrasting Design Style in a Flawless Apartment

July 3rd 2020

Finding itself in a unique niche of urban contemporary meets rustic homey, this home flawlessly incorporates what could be two very contrasting decorating styles designed by The Movement Design.

Living Room

This mixing of styles allows the personality and strengths of either to improve on the shortcomings of the other. With the warmth that comes with the rustic charm paired to sleek and stylish modern designs, the amalgamation brings a breath of fresh air into these two well respected styles.

Minimalist living room

The living room oozes with modern minimalist charm, with a simple understated design, the room stays clutter free and a joy to lay eyes on. With the simple colour tone, the room resembles a typical Scandinavian design, making use of lots of wood as well as muted colours and shades to usher in a relaxed atmosphere free of any pretence. The charcoal grey sofa colours the room with a pastel patience which enhances the sense of relaxation as one can easily feel at rest here. Keeping lots of space on either side of the sofa, the spacious walkways both in front of and behind it gives guests a sense of freedom.

 The interesting take in this design is the use of a minimalist style feature wall on the back of the room. With not one, but two identically similar walls, the spaces between the built-in cabinetry is occupied by this intriguing design. As a clever way to include more natural looking aspects of the room, the vertical wood columns give the room a greater sense of grounding, all while adding to that Scandinavian minimalism.

Dining area

Decorated with dual coloured pendant lights, the dining space maintains a cool yet casual vibe to it. Playing off more pastel colours, the mix of green and pink, as well as the different sizes of the lampshades, the space avoids appearing too intimidating, but sets the tone for more relaxed and informal conversations.

Door entrance

The entry way for this home was big to begin with, and it was a feature that the owners decided to take advantage of. Using a large front door, the entrance to the home looks much grander than if they were to use two equal sized parting doors. With such a large frame, the initial impression of the home is elevated further. On entering the home, the walk way remains clear and wide, once again giving the impression that the home has lots of space, and this is aided by the minimalist style of the rest of the living and dining space.


The kitchen keeps up this modernistic design, using a typical light approach, the cabinetry stays bright and keeps the temperature cool. While the backsplash of the counter is where the rustic touch begins to come in. With an unorthodox approach to backsplashes, the tiling for this uses hexagonal tiles which really catches the attention of people as they look at it. What’s more is that each tile has its own pattern to it, from ripples to checkers, there are all sorts of interesting designs on it which gives the room much more character to it, something guests may quickly find interesting.


Inspired by a mix of farmhouse designs and Moroccan styled decorating, the bathroom takes on both and pulls it off with ease. The kaleidoscope of colours from the tiles makes for a funky and bright looking design, while the farmhouse style of tiling on the walls and the round mirror outlined in bold black give the room a rustic charm which can’t be beat.


The first bedroom follows with a mix of minimalism and homey charm. The storage bed keeps the rustic look with the black knobs on the white doors. The underbed storage also gives a practical use for the bedframe, and opens up more options for house keeping.

Study area

The second bedroom has been converted into a study. With the built-in cabinetry and makeup table, the room remains flexible, whether as a study or can just as easily be converted into a bedroom should the need arise.

Master bedroom

The master bedroom adopts the same rustic charm as the rest of the home. As a place of rest its no surprise that this place was designed to give a sense of warmth and welcome. With the stained wood night stands, the aged look on the surface makes the room all the more wholesome looking. With the open styled hanger rack, the same homely feeling is replicated through the rough and natural-looking wood.

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