Types of kitchen layouts

Open Concept Kitchens

The open concept kitchen has gained popularity over the years. There is a preference of being able to see others in the living room while you are preparing a dish. This layout is a way to make your small living area look bigger and more lively with the change in activity in the house.  Not only does it make the room airy, but it also makes it easier for everyone to interact in the house and makes celebrating a meal more enjoyable. When using the open concept kitchen however, you will have to keep the style and flooring of the living room and kitchen consistent to ensure a beautiful open concept kitchen for your home.

Closed Concept Kitchens

The closed concept kitchen though losing popularity is still enjoyed by some who enjoy the traditional kitchen. The closed concept kitchen is one that tends to be hidden behind a door for the privacy of the cook. It may be preferred over the open concept kitchen if you are one who tends to have a messy kitchen after cooking a large meal and prefer cleaning up later or have children or pets who you would like to keep out of the dangerous area. The closed kitchen will also allow you to change up the theme of the room if you wish, making designing more flexible and leaves more room to be creative.

Single Wall Kitchens

This kitchen layout tends to be found in studio apartments or apartments with little kitchen space. It is ideal for small kitchen areas due to its lean design against one wall. It conveniently places all storages and appliances against one wall, minimising movement needed around the kitchen area. If you have more space to fill up, it can be combined with the island kitchen, giving you more room for cooking and displaying your food.

L-shape Kitchens

If your kitchen has an empty corner not being used, you can create an L-shaped kitchen to effectively use that corner space. With greater space for appliances, you can separate the cooking and washing area. There is more space given to users and flexibility where the kitchen can be used for multiple uses simultaneously. If built in an open concept kitchen, the L-shape kitchen will create a distinctly perceived kitchen area, structuring the room without the use of dividers.

Island Kitchens

Island kitchens use an unattached countertop for additional space for additional functions or to separate uses of the kitchen. The island tends to be used for food preparation but can also be used as a table for meals and work. Other uses for the island include additional storage area, kitchen amenities and even additional seating spaces. There is no end to the uses of an island in your kitchen.

Parallel Kitchens

This kitchen layout tends to be more popular in a closed kitchen but can also be used for an in an open kitchen. It is one of the most efficient kitchen layouts for cooking as it provides two long areas for work and can be divided as the wet and dry side. You can thus be assured that your kitchen appliances on the dry side will be safe. The dry side can also be used for meals or as a working space depending on need. It creates a nice sheltered working area for cooking.

Horseshoe Kitchens

The horseshoe kitchen has three sides for working areas and one side open. Similar to the parallel kitchen, it provides ample space for storage and work with its three counters. This layout will also give you more space for wall cabinets on one side and give you the flexibility to use one side as an eating area. The function of each side of the kitchen can be tailored to suit your cooking needs.

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