Update Your Home Furnishings With LED Lighting

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When looking to introduce additional lighting into the home, most would think of adding a lamp to a corner of the room. But, we would like to get you to consider tape lights instead. Tape lights are LED strip lights that are very versatile and can come in many colours. If you are currently working with an interior designer, ask about how you can incorporate LED lighting into your home and trust us, they would say it’s easy peasy.

artspaze - living room
Designed by Artspaze

Let’s start from the living room.

Consider subtle lighting that gives your home warmth and has a touch of elegance. Cove lighting is a technique that diffuses the harsh glare of direct lighting. By aiming the light to the ceiling from the ceiling cove, it can provide a warm and overall diffused illumination; also known as ambient luminescence.

The issues faced by most people regarding cove lighting is the choice of the lighting itself. Using a fluorescent bulb is not long enough to have a complete look, but with the use of LED light strips, your home will have seamless lighting. The beauty of using LED striplights comes from the fact that it is easy to install and consumes much less energy when compared to conventional lighting.

It is flexible and easy to install.

posh living - living room
Designed by Posh Living Interior Design

If warm light isn’t what you seek for your home, try using a different coloured LED striplight. One of the biggest pluses to using these lights is that they come in colours other than their typical warm lighting.

These LED lights are perfect for areas such as the living area or the kitchen as it illuminates without the intensity that you would see from fluorescent light bulbs. Different hues of light do wonders to shift the attention to the room itself while serving its purpose of illuminating the room.

For example, this room designed by Posh Living Interior Design is not very large, but it certainly emanates grandeur from the round cove, illuminated by cream LED strip lights.

phd - feature wall
Designed by PHD Posh Home Design

Want to show off your collection or your valuables whilst maintaining a hint of subtlety? How about using LED strip light to draw the attention of your visitors for you. Take advantage of the convenience of the LED lights. You do not have to worry about any of your prized possessions heating up after being exposed to a light source. LED emits little to no heat, thus making it safe for your precious items to be placed on the cabinet. It is recommended that you leave a small space to install the LED strip light while having enough space for the light to bounce off the items.

Even if your shelves or television console have been immaculately designed, adding LED striplights will only enhance the beauty.

Try it and see the difference.

elpis - kitchen
Designed by ELPIS Interior

The kitchen is considered one of the busiest spots in the house. While the kitchen is prone to get messy at times, it doesn’t mean you can’t give it a new look.

Yes, a new look but not just for style – for functionality!

Get creative and place LED striplights in areas where it requires good lighting, such as above the kitchen top or inside cabinets, similar to lining display shelves. Under-cabinet lighting helps to introduce a modern edge to the space without compromising its general use. Additionally, the led strip lights placed under cabinets to better illuminate the kitchen. When night falls and there is not enough natural lighting, under cabinet lights allow you to make snacks and drinks without switching on all the kitchen lights.

Plus, the soft glow of light proves useful especially when entertaining guests compared to the typical overhead lights.

azcendant - bedroom
Designed by Azcendant

An easy way to brighten your bedroom is to pop LED strip lights behind your headboard.

Though it is not common, but hey, it is romantic. You can do away with lighting candles and exchange them for a flick of a switch.

Additionally, after a long day of work, your bedroom should be a place for you to rest and recuperate. Warm hued LED strip lights behind your headboard are inviting and will lure you to relax. The indirect light relaxes the eye and the mind, making it easier for you to have a good night’s rest.

With the many perks that come with the use of LED, it is no wonder why many have opted for them over the conventional light source. Energy-saving and versatile; this is simply the better choice of lighting.

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