Update Your Home With These Metallic Trends

While we may almost be halfway through 2020, its not too late to catch up with some of the latest trends in home design and appearance, specifically in this case, the metal in your home. If you’re looking to replace anything metallic, from a leaky faucet, to a feature wall, to even updating the style with some new decorative pieces, funky colourful metal is the way to go with the current trend.

Chic Chrome

Chic Chrome Dining
Photo credit: Invaluable.com

Chrome adds a clean and elegant style to the room. Like an upper class to your usual stainless steel, chrome is a step up in the right direction. With an even more reflective surface and resistance to tarnishing, chrome is the perfect choice for central accent pieces with their ability to catch and reflect light so well.

Be bold with brass

Brass sink

Brass is the perfect match to white marble. While it may not be gold, the lucent yellow does so much more for the look of your kitchen than any plain old steel would. Brass is also known to be strong and stubborn, so you won’t have to worry about stains or scratches.

Brass bathroom lights
Photo credit: Urbanology Designs

Simple brass updates to the handles and lights can rejuvenate your bathroom without having to reinvent the entire design.

Crazy for copper

Hanging copper pans
Photo credit: House beautiful

Copper is another beautiful metal that any home benefits from instantly. What’s even better is that copper cookware has been gaining popularity in recent years, so stocking up on these shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Keep these pots on a hanging rack in your kitchen and you have a great functional decoration. The supple pink from them adds a soft texture to the overall ambiance of the kitchen. These will complement a modern barn style kitchen perfectly and the look will really wow your guests.

Pink pillow party

Pink pillow
Photo credit: HGTV

Sequin has seen a rise in popularity in recent years and its no surprise why. These addictively fun pillows are a must-have for modern living rooms. Go funky or crazy with the multitude of designs available for them and double them up with the matching coloured discs on the flip side, and you have a pillow which works great in more than just one style.

Sequin pillows prove you don’t need an actual metal item to add metallic flare to your home. These pillows come in a variety of sparkling metallic colours, from silver to gold and rose gold, but if you’re looking to really spice up your design, try a mix of these colours and really give your living room an incredible pop of colours.

Mix metals

Mix metal kitchen
Photo credit: Pinterest

A mix of different metals and shades will make your home look even more vibrant, so don’t be afraid about getting a variety of colours for your home. If you’re not confident about mixing the colours, then stick to similar tones. Chrome and silver go hand in hand as clean and sleek, warmer metals like copper and rose gold will be a great pair and gold and brass accents will add a level of luxury to your existing home.  

Stick to a similar palette

Metal home furnitures

If you’re going to switch up the metal in your home, remember to stick to the original palette and tone of your existing décor. Choose colours and pieces which will fit in seamlessly with your current designs. This makes matching the pieces and transitioning into the updated look an easier process.

While most metals are rather mild and have easy to match tones, bolder colours like shined brass can have a very strong character which make them less suitable for some designs, so before you commit to the change, make sure the tones of your home match your choices well.

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