Urban Contemporary Living

Designer: Obbio Concept

Urban contemporary living is the style of choice for this home. With a good mix of modern design styles and trendy living, the home has a very comfortable and relaxed vibe to it as it humbly welcomes its guests. Using a lighter colour palette, the birch wood finishes slowly lighten and convert almost unnoticeably to the light white gloss finishes of the cupboards and table. The contemporary design also includes aspects of newer styles of home designs, allowing the home to stay uniquely relevant in today’s trends.

Obbio Concept kitchen

The quartz-topped table branches off from the open shelf designed bar. Without the edge in-sight, the table presents much more forward in the home, creating a larger presence in the room. The layered backsplash of the bar gives the room another aspect of texture. The backsplash continues to the top of the seating area, keeping the design and the room harmonious in its congruency.

The open caged pendant lights add a playful quirkiness to the overall design of the dining space. This addition allows the room to remain casual and spirited. The open shelf bar is jot just practical, but its design also lends itself as a dual-purpose decoration for the space. Whether you’re showing off your collection of spirits or using the nicer looking bottles to brighten up the room, the shelf is a great idea to keep them easily at hand.

Obbio Concept living space

The living space also includes a small outpouching of a window. The ledge created is the perfect spot for putting up and displaying photos, pictures or memorabilia from family vacations. This home has taken advantage of this, with track lights focusing their beams on the space, the display is perfectly lit. The living room space continues with the dining area. The combined floor space of these two areas merge together to allow for even more space and freedom in the room. With the open concept living, the space stays airy and light, a fitting atmosphere for the light and breezy look from the chosen colour palette.

Obbio Concept TV console and living room

The light birch TV console continues the light colour palette. With this touch of natural wood, the home adopts a Scandinavian influenced style here. The minimalism pairs well with the splash of colour from the various plants. The addition of these bright colours helps the home avoid becoming too bland with its more muted colour tone. The carpet also aids in this aspect, with its largely white colour, it suits the rest of the home well, while the splotches of blue inject vibrancy and colour to the space.

Obbio Concept Scandinavian kitchen

The kitchen takes on a very typical Scandinavian design. With the light wood finish pairing with the glossy white counter tops perfects the minimalist style of the kitchen. The textured backsplash also adds to this aspect. With the rough and textured style of tiles, it lends the room a more rustic touch, giving it a warmer sense of hominess.

Obbio Concept laundry room

The laundry room maintains this warm sense of hominess. The dedicated space is lined with more of the light birch finishes. The built-in cabinetry was crafted to fit the needs of the room specifically, with space for laundry baskets and hanging racks. With the designer fan blades matching the cabinetry, the room comes full circle.

Obbio Concept bathroom

The bathroom keeps a poised disposition, with the light marble and granite finishes, the bathroom maintains a pristine yet non-intimidating look to it. With the mix of rain shower and handheld shower heads, the bathroom is fully capable for unwinding and relaxing.

Obbio Concept bedroom with cushioned bench

The perfect lounging area by the bedroom is complete with a comfortable cushioned bench. Continuing across the room, the cupboards and shelves complete the functionality of the space with a study table and a plethora of storage options across the room.

Obbio Concept master bedroom cabinets

The cabinetry in the master bedroom is another marvel, with a combination of two different shades of wood, the final product is an alluring work of fine craftsmanship. The corner facing bedroom also gives the perfect view from 2 directions, giving you good exposure and lighting throughout the day.