Use Renodots Matching Tool to get up to 5 quotations

April 6th 2021

Need help finding interior designers? Try the Renodots Interior Designer Matching Tool!

There are plenty of interior designers (IDs) out there, but which one is for you? You can check out some recommendations for interior designers in the west, east and north-east[1] of Singapore. Or, you can check out the reviews for many IDs on the website, but did you know Renodots has a matching tool that can personalize ID recommendations to you? That’s right! And what’s even better, we provide this service absolutely free, with no obligations or strings attached! Read on to find out more!

What is the Renodots Interior Designer Matching tool?

The Renodots Interior Designer Matching tool is a service meant for those who want a personalised shortlist of 5 IDs that might be most suitable for their renovation needs. The recommendations are based on your:

-         Property type (HDB, commercial, condo, or landed)

-          Property status (new, resale, or existing)

-          Renovation budget

-          Address and location of the property to be renovated

-          Key collection date, and

-          Any other details you wish to provide

Once you submit your contact and renovation information here, Renodots will send you a shortlist of 5 ID firms that might be perfect for you!

Why use the Renodots Interior Designer Matching tool?

With the Internet, these days, just a quick search for “Singapore interior designers” can give us so many options that we become overwhelmed and unable to make an effective choice. It is difficult to know which ID is really going to be the best for you because the choice is pretty much a multi-faceted decision based on a whole bunch of factors. So instead of screening ID after ID over and over again, the Renodots matching tool can help you streamline the process a little by eliminating some IDs that might be too pricey, too far, or unsuitable for some other reason. This way, you can get a shorter, filtered list of potential choices before you start your screening process.

Of course, at the end of the day, who you hire is completely your choice. But the hope is that whatever you decide in the end, our matching tool can simplify your screening process by doing some pre-screening for you.

After I get my 5 shortlisted IDs, what else should I look for in an interior designer?

The list sent to you will already be semi-filtered based on the information you provide. After that, of course, you’re free to choose whichever ID you like. But here are 4 things you might also want to consider in your decision.

Company Values

In each ID on your screen, it’s good to check out their mission statement to see if their values align with yours. What do they prioritize in each project they take on? Do they emphasize giving their clients the best value? Or maybe they prioritize quality, even if it means being slightly more expensive? Do they value staying within your budget throughout the process? Perhaps they take pride in adding unique and creative touches to each of their projects? Or maybe they love to work super closely with clients to customize a home’s design according to their client's preferences and lifestyles?

Whatever it is, you can usually get an idea of an ID firm’s values from their “About” page on their website. Read their story, read their mission, and see if it aligns with your goals in your renovation.


You can always find out more about an ID firm by looking at their past projects. There are several classic interior design styles[1], but countless different interpretations of each one! From an ID firm’s portfolio, you can get an idea of which interior design styles they’re familiar with, and which interior design interpretations suit your style the best. What’s more, if you see a home you really love the design of, you can show the ID you hire some pictures to give them a better sense of your style!

Experience and years in operation

Experience can be extremely helpful to each interior designer’s individual work process. In theory, an experienced interior designer might have had more time to learn how to keep their clients happy in the renovation process. But of course, this isn’t always the case, and there are many young and talented interior designers out there who know how to stay on top of the trends and get the job done.

The number of years an ID firm has been running can also be a helpful guide at times. Generally speaking, if an ID firm is well-established and has provided its service over many years, it’s probably been doing something right to have done well for so long. That’s not to say that young ID firms are necessarily “worse”, though – young ID firms might hold their employees to extremely high standards, and there might be people who had bad experiences with established ID firms.

Bottom line: even though it can be helpful to know these things in choosing an ID, take them with a pinch of salt


This is often the most helpful factor to consider when hiring an ID. You always want to read reviews of an ID before you hire them. Reviews can tell you if an ID firm usually lives up to its claims, or if there are any specific renovation problems that seem to repeatedly occur with a particular ID firm. If you find an ID firm that looks great on paper but has terrible reviews or seems to commonly run into some specific problems, you might want to think twice before hiring them.

What’s more: others’ experiences with an ID the firm can also tell you plenty about each of the other 3 factors above.