Useful Tips for Styling Your Bathroom

Usually seen as the dark horse of the entire house, bathrooms aren’t usually the stellar centre piece of most, if not all, homes. Shied away as just a place for practical business, it’s more likely that the bathroom was designed to not look unappealing, rather than styled to attract attention.

Like a small blemish in a potentially perfect home, why not style it such that it does become that sparkling gem even within your home, you know you’d want to be comfortable while you’re in there. So, we’ve come up with some tips and tricks for you to make your bathroom a little more up class.

Large Tiles

A little trick for small bathrooms, use large tiles, and as large as they get. Large porcelain or marble tiles are perfect for this job, their shiny and glossy look complement their size to create an illusory effect. The result is that the bathroom appears larger than it actually is.

For those of you who live in smaller HDBs, you’d know how small the prefabricated bathrooms actually are, so doing whatever you can to make them look even bigger than they actually are helps to relieve some of the claustrophobia they tend to induce.

Light Colour Schemes

Light colour bathroom

Adding on to the previous point, a light colour scheme also goes a long way in relieving some of the visual stress from smaller rooms. Light styles are a lot less taxing on the eyes, with an increased perceived brightness and light reflecting off almost everything. The bathroom is a lot gentler on the eyes and reflects a softer image of itself.

Light colour schemes are also simple and classy. Fitting in with most (if not all) themes and styles of most modern homes, it would be quite easy to fit a light themed bathroom into any type of house and have them join together seamlessly.

Whether its porcelain, marble or quartz, there are plenty of choices you can choose from in creating your light styled bathroom.

Dark Mode

Not a fan of light bathrooms? Dark styles are equally as stunning and luxe as their light counterparts. These styles are more uncommon by virtue of their nature, the dark styles tend to fit in better when the rest of the home follows a similar palette.

The method of pulling the darker styles off is to incorporate metal into the designs without overstating their presence. From handles to hooks to highlights, little accent pieces will do the trick to lift the heaviness of the dark tones and prevents oversaturation.

Dark bathrooms can look even classier and jaw-droppingly sleek as compared to their light counterparts when they are done right. The darker tones tend to play on more sophisticated taste and designs, and they benefit greatly from minimalist and abstract accent pieces and art.


Tiles are making a huge comeback in the home décor section. No longer something out of your grandmothers’ closet, the tiles gaining traction today are larger, glossier and fit perfectly with accents of gold, brass and chrome to name a few.

There are a few ways to go about using tiles, the first is creating a perfectly cohesive bathroom with the same set of tiles from floor to ceiling.

Same tiled bathroom

Here the same tile is used on almost every surface. If you’re a fan of cohesiveness and perfect balancing, then this is the choice for you. With everything matching so perfectly, it’s hard to disagree that this is an attractive bathroom.

Another method of tiling your bathroom is to use a mix of different tiles for the floors and the walls. The anarchy created makes for a more vibrant and lively bathroom, pairing well with the influx of bright sunlight, the room has a more jovial feel to it and immediately sets you in a comfortable position.

Matte tile bathroom

Whichever style you choose to tile with, it’s important that you tile from the floor all the way up to the ceiling. The continuous tiles create a finish across the room that is uninterrupted. You may also want to paint your ceiling with a matte finish (if you’re going for a darker look), or a glossier finish (for lighter looks). The latter choice helps to bounce the light around even more and brightens up the room, while the former adds another layer and level of texture to the room.

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