Using Fabrics To Jazz Up Your Space

Too often in interior design, whether home or office, fabric is the most underrated element. Furniture and lighting are always considered the most crucial components and fabric is merely an afterthought, regarded as a finishing touch.

Fabric dining area

In fact, fabrics are very important to create the right feel to any spaces and they help us jazz up our homes by creating visual interest to the interiors. It also helps to set a tone or bring elements together for a very finished appearance

Sofa with fabric pillows

Using fabrics is an art and here are some tips to guide you to start it off.

Mixed fabric pillows

First, try mixing patterns when using fabrics. Always go for odd number, for instance three patterns and focus on scale and colours. Allow one large pattern to dominate a space visually and choose a second fabric that includes similar colours that is about half the size of the largest piece. The third piece needs to unite the first two pieces and create a balance and harmony.

Pillows with three patterns

Be free and fun when selecting fabrics. Avoid using three florals prints and do not be afraid to mix patterns. Try mixing three patterns and vary the styles.

Mixed pillows

For instance, one floral, one stripe and one geometric. As long as the colours match, the overall effect will be perfect. Highlight a colour from the first fabric in the second piece and it is good to choose colours that are opposites or near opposites on the colour wheel.

Patterned curtains

Large scale prints and patterns work very well on curtain panels, comforter covers and walls. Small scale prints and patterns are perfect on smaller items like throw pillows or lamp shades.

Drapery with large patterns

Bold patterns add energy and life and simpler ones create soothing and calming visual touch to your space. Consider hanging a piece of drapery with large patterns against a wall with light shade.

Drapery above sofa

The drapery will act like a beautiful large-scale painting. It creates a cosy ambiance to any space without spending a fortune. There is no need to spend money on frames for drapery as it looks perfect just the way it is.

Upholstered sofa

Upholster your chairs with your second pattern choice and pull a hue from the room’s colour scheme to upholster a sofa. Use the third fabric for toss pillows as accessories. Fabrics definitely make the spaces less cold and cosier.

Horizontal striped chair

Please also note that if your room is small, big patterns may overwhelm the room and make it look smaller. Perhaps, you could choose horizontal stripes as this patten helps to make a narrow room feel wider and vertical stripes tend to make a ceiling appear higher.

Mixed pillows

Fabrics make our lives more comfortable and enliven our interiors with a defined aesthetic. Create your stunning homes with fabrics and wow your guests with your creativity today. \

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