Vanity Ideas So You’ll Feel Like A Beauty Influencer

Some of us may have watched beauty influencers doing their thing, with ring lights illuminating their eyes as they pound on makeup or do their hair in a brightly lit room in front of a large mirror. If you happen to dream of having a vanity, we’ve got some vanity ideas that will bring out the beauty influencer in you – it may be the genesis of your new career path too. You can thank us later!

But before we dream about that, you’ll need to get a vanity you are comfortable with, and one that fits the size of your room. Large or small, there is a vanity for you.

Tri-fold Panel Vanity

Tri-fold Panel Vanity
Image from Melody Maison

If your makeup table is facing the window, you have to take advantage of the light that streams in. However, it is impossible to have a mirror placed against it.

Introducing, the trifold mirror! You could get it as a complete vanity set like the gorgeous antique-inspired table above.

You’ll feel like royalty when you sit on the plush stool to get yourself ready on a fully-mirrored vanity. The three-paneled mirror also gives you immediate side views instead of just a frontal reflection.

three-paneled mirror
Image from Amazon

If you’ve already own a vanity table sans the mirror, opt to get just the tri-fold mirror, and it will make a huge difference to your vanity by giving it more character. When you are not using it, you can fold it and put it aside, so it does not hinder your view from the window.

Back Wall Mirror Vanity

Back Wall Mirror Vanity
Image from Elle Decor

If you have a rather large nook at a corner of the room, transform it into your vanity space. Perfect for larger rooms, it gives you space for your transformation. You can even have it as part of your walk-in closet though you’ll have to light it well.

A back wall mirror vanity makes use of a sizable wall space for the mirror. It is sleek, minimalist, and gives you ample space to store all your makeup and beauty products. Be sure to organise the drawers well so you can keep everything where it should be.

To finish it off, put out a display tray and flowers (fresh or dry, depending on your preference) to add an artistic flair to your vanity.

back wall mirror vanity with flowers
Image from Decor Trendy

Back wall mirror vanity also makes your room bigger because it reflects more light. If you have a large bathroom, have the large mirror placed at your sink area. That is how high-end hotels always do it. You’ll be able to see yourself without needing to bend or strain your body to fit see yourself, like how you’d need to if you are using a smaller mirror.

Leaning Mirror Vanity

Leaning Mirror Vanity
Image from Carousell

If you love Victorian-inspired pieces (it feels luxurious, we can’t like), you can invest in a framed mirror and allow it to lean on your mirrorless vanity desk. It will give the room character, and when you look into it, you might even say “Mirror, mirror on the wall…”

Leaning Mirror Vanity victorian style
Image from Sarah Joy Blog

Intricately framed mirrors come in several sizes (you’ll just have to do a bit of hunting). Before you make your purchase, check the size of your vanity table. You’ll want it to fit within the length of the table.

Ladder Vanity

Ladder Vanity
Image from Eporta

In love with Scandinavian interior design? You’ll love the leaning ladder vanity. It is space-saving and aesthetically pleasing. If you are renting, opting for this type of vanity is smart because when you need to move, you can carry this beauty along with you.

leaning ladder vanity with working desk
Image from Amazon UK

You can also get ones where you can transform a working desk to a vanity table. Once your work stuff is off the desk, open up the lip at the bottom, and voila, you’ve got a mirror! Now you and your furniture can multitask.

Lighted Vanity

Lighted Vanity
Image from For Creative Juice

Want to feel like a superstar? A lighted vanity table will never go out of style. With this setup, you will not need ring lights.

Opt for this bulb-surrounded mirror if you like old Hollywood glam.

Lighted Vanity - simple mirror with lights
Image from Wayfair

If not, opt for a simple mirror with lights on its frame. It also gives you the same effect with a modern twist.

Floating Vanity

Floating Vanity
Image from Eslamoda

If you don’t like your furniture to take up too much floor space, consider creating a floating vanity. We say ‘create’ because you can fix drawers right to the wall and hang a large mirror of your choice, and it will be considered your vanity table. If you do not have a lot of space, allot it next to your bed. The edge of your mattress can act as your seat.

Floating Vanity with round mirror
Image from Casa Vogue

When it comes to floating vanity tables, round mirrors are very fashionable now. It softens up the surroundings and is preferred by many as it follows the shape of the face.

Before you settle on your vanity table, always choose a suitable place where the light hits your face. Your mirror should reflect the light that is upon your face, not the other way around. If you are looking to revamp your bathroom or bedrooms, we have all the inspiration for your DIY home projects.

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