Vanity Organizing Ideas – How to Organize Jewelry and Makeup

Don’t you just hate it when you can’t find that specific lip colour or can’t remember where you placed that single pot eye shadow you love? If you love testing new makeup constantly and have too many for your collection, you may have trouble organising your collection. Here are some organisation ideas for your vanity you can try out to make your daily routine less of a hassle.

Magnetic Make Up Board

Taking inspiration from the Z palette, magnetise your makeup items for easy storage. Place a thin piece of magnet on the back of your makeup such as bronzers, blushes, single eye shadows and powder foundation. Then take a metal board and simply stick your makeup on the board! You’ll be able to see what you have in your collection and just pluck it off when you want to use it. Just be sure not to use too thick a magnetic strip or else you’ll have trouble travelling with it!

magnetic make up board


Too many lip colours? Take a basket and place your lipstick vertically with the side you can tell the colour facing upwards. You can also arrange it according to finish, colour or texture depending on what you tend to consider when reaching for a lip product. It may also be good to keep a journal with swatches of your lip products for easy selection at a glance.

lipstick basket

Standing Brushes

No one likes to have their brushes touching unclean surfaces. Take a container, decorate it to your liking and fill it with small pebbles, plant fillers or any type of beads. You will be able to simply stick your brush into the container and it will not topple over or touch any other brushes. If you own a double ended brush, however, this idea will not be for you.

standing brushes

Textile Makeup Organiser

For your on the go makeup kit, purchase or create your own textile makeup organiser. It’s great to keep your touch up items conveniently in your handbag, making sure it does not ruin your other items. This is also great to store your makeup brushes as you’ll have everything conveniently in one roll-up. It prevents each section from touching each other so you won’t have to worry about your lip brush messing up your powder brush.

textile makeup organiser

Mason Jars

If you use Q-tips, cotton wool and disposable makeup sponges regularly, why not place them in easy to grab Mason jars? Instead of opening a container every time you want a product, place everything into a mason jar so that you can reach them easily. It will make your night cleanup and morning routine a lot easier.

mason jars