Colorful Wall Ideas for your Modern Homes

Colours can affect our moods and the outlook of a room. It is important that we choose the correct colours for each room to make us more productive and distinguish each room. When choosing colours, remember mood you want to create and think about which colours will help you achieve that mood. Here is a run down on the different colours and their effects. Happy painting!


The most basic but versatile colour, white along with black and grey are neutral colours that are easily paired with different furniture and decoration. You can easily add colour to make the room livelier or add more neutral items to make it calm and monochrome. White walls are best paired with other neutral tones but significantly with black. Black furniture and accents will add depth into the room with the white walls, breaking the monotony. White walls have a perk of making the room seem larger and airier as well.

monochrome apartment
white living wall


This is the most intense colour in this list. Red increases the room’s energy level and creates excitement. It is said that red increases pulses, heart rates and blood pressure. Red is a good colour to use for areas such as the living room and dining room to bring people together and stimulate conversation between people.

red living room wall
red dining room wall


Blue is considered to be a calming and relaxing colour. It is said to bring down blood pressures, slow respiration and heart rates. It is the total opposite from red in its effects on mood. Dark blue, however, has an opposing effect on feelings of sadness. So if you are thinking of painting your bedroom and bathroom blue, you might choose lighter blue colours instead.

blue bedroom wall
blue bathroom wall


Yellow reflects the idea of sunshine and happiness in a room. It helps to enliven and energise people, thus making it a welcoming colour. It is best used in living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms. However an overuse of yellow can also create feelings of frustration and anger so choose how you use yellow wisely! It may be best to go for a pale yellow to tone down the brightness.

yellow dining room wall
yellow living room wall


With the combined colours of blue and yellow, green evokes feelings of tranquillity and composure. It is a good colour for a room you want to feel comfortable in and wind down after a long day. If you don’t know what colour to choose, you can never go wrong with green as it has the calming blue and cheerful yellow.

green bedroom wall
green living room wall


This rich and sophisticated colour evokes feelings of wisdom and royalty and is commonly associated with luxury and creativity. Lighter shades of purple have the same effect as blue of a calming and relaxing room. Darker shades of purple make the room more mature looking and add depth.

purple living room wall
light purple bedroom wall