Wall Decoration Ideas

Looking for ideas to decorate that plain wall? Here are some ideas for you to decorate your walls. Whether you are looking for simple ideas, DIYs or even unique ones, there is going to be an idea that suits you. Check out the list below!

Frame some photos

There is no better way to dress up a wall than to display some photos. Whether it be of your family, your closest friends or photos of the things you love in life, the photos you put up will tell visitors about who you are and what you value most. It can also act as a conversation starter in social situations!

photo frames on wall
art frames on wall
art frames on wall

A unique bookshelf

Seen photos of bookshelves in the shape of a Superman logo or bookshelves in the shape of a tree? This is a great idea to adopt to create an accent piece in your home. You will also be able to display your book collection, ornaments or photo frames, killing two birds with one stone!Hang a rug

unique bookshelf
unique toy car display shelf
unique bookshelf

Hang a rug

This may be a new idea! There a beautiful rugs with intricate designs and a great range of colours and patterns. Instead of just putting them on the floor, why not hang them up? There is more than one use of a beautiful rug in your home.

hanging rug on wall
hanging patterned rug on wall
hanging patterned rug on wall

An inspirational quote

Got a favourite quote that you absolutely live by? Why not put it on a wall? Let everyone know what your mantra is when they step into the house. This idea is made easy with easy peel off decals that will not damage your walls. There are even companies that can help you create a unique decal for you!

easy peel off decals
framed typography
easy peel off decals in bedroom

DIY artwork

If you love art but can’t afford those extravagant art pieces, you can try creating your own DIY art works. There are many different easy DIY art projects that you can try. The best part is that you can control the design, colour and size of the piece to match how you envision the house to look like. It will be a fun weekend project to take on!

DIY art works
DIY geometric art works
DIY art works