Wall Painting Techniques to Incorporate in your Home

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Wall Painting Techniques to Incorporate in your Home

Look around you. Are the walls surrounding you painted with just one colour? In 2020, it is time to jazz it up and inject a little creativity by using different wall painting techniques. If you have painted walls before, this should not be difficult (with proper planning). However, if you’ve not attempted wall painting before, you can always engage a professional.


Ombre Walls

grey ombre wall
Image from The Spruce

The word ombre originats from the French word meaning “shaded”. Blend one colour with another (usually from light to dark) to achieve ombre. It was such a big hit in the fashion industry a few years ago, with apparel and hairstyles featuring the soft change of hue. Today, it is making a comeback – not in fashion but interior design.

To create an ombre effect on your wall, choose the colour theme. If you want a pink ombre wall, start with white at the top half and a darker shade of pink at the bottom half. Once completed, blend both colours by mixing the two shades gently onto each other to create the ombre effect.

Opt to add contrasting colours like green and pink if you’d like, but to make sure it blends seamlessly, we suggest having white as a base for blending at the midsection.

Geometric Walls

Want to create an accent wall that invites compliments? Introduce colour blocking! Using contrast colours following geometric shapes can make a big statement.

Yellow geometric wall
Image from 33decor.com

If you’d like to create a simple but eye-catching masterpiece, consider taping down a simple geometric shape and painting it a contrasting colour. We don’t suggest having too many on the wall as it might look like broken glass – yikes!

However, you could improve the visual appeal by using a pastel palette so it gives your geometric wall a softer look.

pastel geometric wall
Image from Lottie Does

To ensure the finishing is perfect, take the tape out after the paint is dry, or else wet paint may smudge the precise lines.


Stripes on walls are not new. People have been using striped wallpaper in homes for a while now. Later on, it was deemed old fashioned – but it is making a fashionable comeback in 2020.

Pink stripe wall
Image from The Spruce

If you are wincing at the thought of having claustrophobic carnival-styled striped walls, don’t worry, we are not fans of those too. However, pastel does go well with stripes.

horizontal stripe wall
Image from The Spruce

You can choose between vertical or horizontal stripes, but take note of the stripe width. If it is too thin with many colours, your guests will be reminded of kuih lapis – which is not something you want to associate your home decor with.

However, neutral striped walls can give your space a sense of old Hollywood charm. It works well in bedrooms. If you prefer using the pastel colour scheme, consider it for the nursery or the children’s bedroom.


When we say stencils, we don’t mean the stickers you buy from DIY stores. Depending on how you stick it on, it can sometimes look quite tacky. If you want to achieve classy stencilling, you will need a design you won’t get bored of and one that does not make your head spin.

If you are good with design, you can pick a template online, print it out, cutting the shape out on cardboard, and fixing them on the wall. Ensure the tape is secured tightly before painting.

Stencil zebra wall by diva interior design
Image from Diva Interior Design

There are many ways to stencil your walls. The design above is crafted by Diva’s Interior Design, one of the featured interior designers on Renodots.

We’ll be honest, stencilling is hard work. As we are busy fixing the board and painting them, the alignment can run. The problem is, we usually can’t see the problem until after everything is complete!

Unless it is a one-image stencil, we suggest you hire a professional to get it done for you. It may sound fun to paint on stencils at first, but making mistakes isn’t.

light colored stencil wall
Image from The Spruce

If you are looking for full-wall stencilling, we suggest working with light colours, so it gives your space some texture without feeling closed-in.


Last but not least is the chalkboard wall.

If you have young children at home, having a chalkboard wall where they can show off their creativity without damaging your other walls with their murals is a great idea. We call that smart parenting.

It is a blank canvas that can foster creativity as your children grow. We honestly think they will not outgrow it!

black canvas wall
Image from DIYontheCheap.com

Where can you place your chalkboard wall? Pick a wall in the children’s room or at the hall where you can keep an eye on them. Ensure the texture of the wall is smooth because it is difficult to draw on a rough, bumpy wall.

Depending on your wall surface, you might need to paint two to three coats of chalkboard paint.

From doodles, you’ll be getting masterpieces in no time.

If it is a hassle to paint, you could set up the wall using chalkboard strips.

Breathe life into your home by switching up the walls. If you are looking to recolour your home, but can’t find the time to do it, we have a list of contractors that specialise in painting.

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