Wallpapers Trends for 2020 – Home Furnishing Ideas

Wallpapers are making a comeback in 2020! Wallpapers have been versatile with endless possibilities such as sprucing up ceilings, an accent wall or even your bathroom wall. The trend now is that wallpapers are making an entrance with a big bang, the trending styles are not the weak kind but those that shout their styles in bold colours and daring patterns. Here are a few trends you want to take note.


Warm colours are in and cool colours such as cool greys and blues are shown the door. Fashionable colours are corals, terracottas, sage greens and warm greys. Browns, mustards, golds and certain red tones in both wallpaper and décor accents are also trendy in the new year. Match these colours with design styles we mention and you have a design that is absolutely trending.

Chintzy Wallpaper

Chintzy wallpapers

You can recreate an elegant Chinese patterned wallpaper in your home such as this one pictured above. This is a vintage style done in an eye catching and modern way. Plum blossoms also signify perseverance-not giving up in the cold as the Chinese saying goes. See these willows creep up your walls ever so insistently against a warm background.

Tropical & Nature Wallpaper

Tropical and nature wallpapers

Second in line are wallpapers that depict nature. You can even team such wallpapers such as this with leaf motifs against stripped furniture. All you have to pay attention is the balance in colours. A darker tone wallpaper goes well with similar darker tone furniture. Sustainability is all the rage now so nature and botanicals go hand in hand with this phenomenon.

3-D Wallpaper

3-d wallpapers

3 dimensional wallpapers are edgy and bold. It is good for teaming with a contemporary interior, adding a sense of texture. Wallpapers can come in the form of faux bricks or wood patterns, or 3-d patterns that play on your eyes.


metallic style wallpaper

Metals add a rebellious, industrialist touch to your home.   You can team them with white or dark tones as pictured above. Dark coloured cabinets and chairs also complement the look. Other trending metal colours range from gold to marble teals.


gradient wallpaper

If you are hesitant about the bold styles mentioned earlier, you may develop a liking for the gradient wallpaper which is just as in. This succinct style gives a barely finished look that is as cool as cucumber. Team it with a sparse look or contemporary furniture.

Retro art

retro wallpaper

Designs that hark back to the 70s such as this one pictured above is trending too. It can make an interesting accent wall in your bedroom, matching with white and pastel colours. This type of wallpaper evokes emotions and passions as well as timelessness.

Scenic and murals

scenic and wall murals

According to Better homes and gardens magazine, scenic and murals are also big for 2020. Scenes and murals put your walls centre stage. Fine art inspired wallpaper is also proving popular. But only choose a style if you really like it. The nature scenic mural pictured above draws nature into the bedroom and is an interesting focal point that can impress guests and soothe the owner to slumber at night.

The trend slants towards maximalism in design and warm colours. Blues, cool greys are taking a back seat. In terms of colours, opt for colours such as coral and terracotta. Geometric designs also have a place this year. How you want to recreate these much more exciting styles and colours is up to you. If you do so, it will indeed be a much bolder and interesting year-for you.

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