Want To Save Space? Check Out These Space Saving Furniture

Our cities may be expanding but our homes are getting smaller. If you are looking to create more space in your home, we have these suggestions for you.

The simplest way to save space in your guest bedroom would be to opt for the simple sofa bed.

Simple sofa bed

A best seller on HipVan, this sleek Siberian grey sofa bed is easy to maintain with curved armrests and a reclining backrest with flexibility to be set to 3 positions. It has medium firm seating and you can lounge on it with the backrest half folded backwards to the fully recline position for a good night’s sleep.

Murphy beds

With spatial constraints in new HDB flats, you can also consider Murphy or pull down beds. Murphy beds are hidden and can be converted to a study when the bed is not in use. This murphy bed from Spaceman transforms a bedroom space into a study room for small spaces and studio apartments. It combines a bed with a study table and there is internal pillow storage space to store your pillows away when not in use.

Built-in closet with sliding doors

Add sliding doors to your built-in closet as a way to save space without needing the extra space for the wardrobe door to open outwards. A white wardrobe also visually enhance and make the space seem larger than it is.

Mirrored sliding door wardrobe

Or you can consider adding mirrors on your sliding door wardrobe to make the room seem visually larger. A shiny surface can also be decorated with fun and interesting wall stickers to add creativity in your room.

Expandable dining table

Get an expandable dining table for your dining room. The Arc expanding dining table from Spacemen comes with a telescopic extending mechanism and is able to expand in intervals of 1,2 or 3 extension panels. The largest model is able to accommodate 16 to 18 guests with an expansion up to 3.1 metres in size.

Dining sets
Hive Modern

Dining sets that are space saving can come in a combination of elegant design and comfort, and at the same time suitable for home and commercial use. The Calla dining set from Hive Modern comes with stackable dining chairs, which you can easily hide away in your storage room when you don’t need them.

Barn door

Bring a sense of cool and rustic look to your living room with a barn door design added to a custom made shelf to store your things away and create a spacious look in your living room.

Hidden storage space

Not forgetting you can add storage space to store all your items. Hidden items as opposed to having too many display items not only make the space look clean and tidy but also creates more space for your home.

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