Get cozy this rainy season with these exciting Autumnal trends that create a wonderfully warm ambience!


tea lights, pillar candles, scented candles

Candles are a brilliant alternative to a fireplace and an excellent way of creating cosiness and warmth during these cold months. The warm glow of a candlelight makes for a wonderfully cozy atmosphere, perfect for the home. Colourful tea lights in mason jars, pillar candles in autumn colours and autumn-themed scented candles are affordable and easy ways to make your house more homey.


soft and snug throws

Soft and snug throws are the perfect embellishments to make your home even cosier. Whether it adorns the sofa, bed or chair, the irresistible throw looks wonderfully charming. Beyond it being aesthetically pleasing, you can use it as a blanket while you catch up on your favourite television shows from the sofa or as you read your favourite books on your chair. Furthermore, it acts as a padding for hard chairs, making them much more comfortable. As for the colour, think of maroon, browns, greens, navy blue and burgundy if you want to achieve the “fall feel”.


organic ceramic vases

Incorporate these lovely organic ceramic vases into your decor for they would perfectly balance any dark autumn-inspired hues in your home, brightening the space whilst staying true to the cosy and rustic theme. Popular choices of coloured ceramics include cream, greys, ocean blue and especially millennial pink.

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