Creating a Warm and Fuzzy Ambience in this Abode

What’s a home if not something that brings out that warm and fuzzy ambience of comfort surrounded by the things that you love. With that thought in mind, what better way to put your own stamp on your home than to keep yourself surrounded by the things you love.

While you can always go with the usual run of the mill decorative ideas, from Scandinavian Minimalism to Urban Luxury, it’s a whole different take to insert yourself into the design of your home.

For these homeowners, they have chosen to take a more interesting approach in interior design, drawing inspiration from the popular messaging platform they use the most, Line, they have chosen to decorate with choices closer to the heart. Filling their home with precious memorabilia of Brown & Cony, the owners have really made this home their own with their choice of quirky and lovable decorations. The oversized plushies and caricatured rug add a whole other layer of hominess to this abode as it reminds them of their special shared memories.

Aestherior Brown & Cony theme house

With the veneer tiles, the rough texture of the stones gives the home a more rustic touch. Softening its appearance and making it even more welcoming to achieve a warm and fuzzy ambience. The clever design makes use of the natural gradient across the colour spectrum to give the room depth through the varying degrees of saturation on each unique tile. The uncompleted aspect of the design helps to avoid an unintended air of seriousness as the colours quickly transition to white on the wall, keeping the atmosphere playfully cheeky.

Aestherior sophisticated dining area

While the living room manages to pull off a light-hearted and cheery disposition with the haul of cartoon characters, the rest of the home still manages to tone down and keep a more muted and sophisticated look without contrasting with the former. Following the pastel colour palette, the light grey hues continue in the rest of the home. With The dining space looking as if from a Muji advertisement, the transition from puerile to minimalist is almost unnoticed.

Aestherior dark colour scheme kitchen

With the dining area as the transition point, the home goes into full bespoke designer fuelled style from the kitchen. With a look so sleek it could cut glass; the kitchen is a sight to behold. The dark colour scheme allows this area of the home to stand out with its sophistication and majestic look. The dark granite countertop on the kitchen island is the only one of its kind within the confines of this home. This unique arrangement gives the island its much deserved attention. Splitting a large kitchen comfortably into different segments, you’d be too distracted by the lustre to notice that it has effectively funnelled movement in the area towards either the fridge or the stove tops.

Aestherior veneer kitchen backsplash

The backsplash of the kitchen counter uses a different type of veneer than the ones in the living room. With a smoother surface and less variation, it serves the function of the kitchen better, being easier to clean and maintain than its counterpart. Completed with impeccable lighting, the kitchen keeps up with the latest contemporary designs.

Aestherior Brown & Cony master bedroom

One of the most important parts of the home is always the bedroom. In this case, the master bedroom has been done up to recreate the same warmth and cosiness from the living room. With oversized plushies to hug, a muted and relaxing colour palette, the design creates a welcoming enclave. The platform style of the bed here presents with a much more laid-back style of furnishing. The Korean styled platform design keeps the mattress close to the floor, giving the room a more grounded appearance. Stripping away the bells and whistles, the room puts on no airs of false luxury, but instead makes you feel at ease. The simple design does not give up functionality. With the built-in headboard, the design also includes two well placed ledges which double as night stand shelves for your convenience on either side of the bed.

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