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Who doesn’t want their living space to look bigger? With HDB flats becoming smaller, we will need to find ways to enlarge living spaces visually and physically. Here are some simple ways you can make your HDB living room look bigger.

Use Simple Colours

The saying less is more is true to make your HDB flat look bigger visually. Use simple bright colours for the walls of your living space and let the natural light in. Bright walls will naturally reflect the sun which enlarges the space and make it look more lively. There is no need to use a bunch of colours to liven up a room. Let nature do it for you!

monochrome colour scheme living room

Use Mirrors

Installing a mirror wall instantly doubles the space of your living room visually. Mirrors are a popular option in increasing a room’s perceived space. If you are not a fan of a full wall mirror, you can opt for vertical or horizontal mirrors and place them near a window. The mirror will capture natural sunlight and brighten up the look of a room.

horizontal mirror for dining area
vertical mirror at dining area

Use An Open-Concept Kitchen

Get rid of the partition between the kitchen and your living room! Combine the separate spaces and create a single lively room full of activity. This not only opens up the area but also encourages interaction between those in the living room and those in the kitchen. Remember to keep the style and flooring of the living room and kitchen consistent to ensure a cohesive look of the room

open concept kitchen
open living-dining area

Use The Balcony

There are so many uses for a balcony. So why not extend your living room area outwards? Start by levelling the balcony with the main living room to ensure a flat surface that runs outwards. For the balcony floor, opt for either the same flooring as the living room or wooden panels that extend outwards to elongate its look. You will be able to create a larger room visually and physically with a useable area for interaction.

balcony area

Use Glass Partitions

If you want to enlarge a room but still value privacy, you might want to consider using glass partitions. Instead of having an opaque divider, opt for a translucent one to enlarge the look of the room while keeping the area enclosed for personal use. This is a great idea for separating a study or work area with the living room without compromising on the visual look of the room.

glass partitions
full panel glass partition