Ways To Brighten Up Your Walls With These Innovative


Do you live in a spacious home but feels there is something lacking somewhere? Are you too focused getting furniture for your home that you neglected your plain walls?

Today, I will compile a list of interesting and creative decorating ideas for your walls!

1. Using Pots or Flowers

Using different types of pots or plants can create a conducive environment for your home.  Plants like cactus are easy to maintain.

2. Black and White

Definitely a classic combination! Black and white brings out a classy yet sophisticated vibe. Using various paintings or wall decals, you can transform your home totally!

3. Something Out Of The Box

4. Random Frames

Putting different shapes and sizes can create a unique art piece for your wall.

5. Using Colourful Tapes

Using ordinary colourful tapes on your wall can easily brighten up your room and makes it uniquely yours.

6. Cluttered But Neat

7. Wall Paint