Ways To Designing An Industrial Chic Home

If you have always yearned for an industrial look inspired by interior magazines of New York industrial designed lofts, you can recreate that look in your HDB flat and it isn’t difficult at all.

The only consideration you may have would be installing and maintaining cement screed flooring in your home. Although cement screed gives the cool, and contemporary look to the industrial inspired theme, there are some drawbacks to using the material for floor surfaces.

  • Cement screed cracks and chips over time
  • it also is not possible to patch up these cracks unless you lay cement screed all over again when too many blemishes appear.
  • you may not get the exact look you want as cement screed are laid by hand by your contractor, so there are unexpected patches.

But before you feel discouraged, there are ways to get around the problems of getting the cement screed look in your industrial designed flat. You can consider using cement screed for your walls, as there are not so much activity on them and so lesser chances of getting cracks.

Dining area with cement wall

Water is no good for cement screed, so using it as a material for kitchen countertops would not be advisable as kitchens are places used heavily for washing and cooking.

If you are considering cement screed for your bathroom, you can have the cement mixed with a waterproof compound to ensure its longevity.

Without further ado, let’s look at some ideas to create that industrial look for your new HDB flat.

Industrial bedroom
Image credit: 0932 Design Consultants

To begin with, the industrial look is strong on personality. Use of colours are limited but not impossible in an industrial themed home. You can draw inspiration from well-worn industrial warehouses, allowing natural light to flow in to accentuate the raw and unfinished details.

Urban loft living room

Image credit: Box.ID Studio

Allowing natural light to flow into the living area also help to create a spacious urban loft feel. The open and airy atmosphere is helped by white ways, neutral colours and cement screed flooring. Neutral colours in the form of furniture help to add warmth in contrast to the harshness created by the concrete look.

Industrial living room

Although home owners may embrace the industrial look, but at the same time could be concerned that it may look too harsh and raw and so do not want to fully commit to the theme fully. However, you can still create the industrial effect but yet inject a homey and welcoming effect for your home with wood flooring.

Minimal industrial living room

The industrial theme also allows a minimalistic look you could be seeking. Adding wood and some colours to your industrial inspired flat brings life and contrast to the grey and neutral tones.

Bedroom with distressed wood wall

Add wall paper to accentuate the industrial look. The trome l’oeil wallpaper on the walls give the look of distressed wood allow with the grey coloured wall. Wall paper is less expensive and also makes for easier maintainence

Black, white and wood kitchen

The black, white and wood look seamlessly flows from the kitchen to the living area with an open concept kitchen.

Dominant black washroom

Another advantage to the industrial inspired décor is the simplicity in look and maintenance with black as the dominant colour of the washroom.

Raw wood finish cupboard

You can also add raw wood finishes to be incorporated into the bathroom if you want to add a touch of warmth against the cement screed wall.

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