Ways to make your bathroom looks bigger

Homeowners In cities like Singapore have to accept the fact that our homes are getting smaller and smaller. This would also point to smaller bathrooms that can look cramp. However, there are a few ideas we would like to share with you to help you turn a small bathroom into something functional and stylish.

Make it white

White glossy tiled bathroom
Image Credit: Avenue One

One of the ways to make your bathroom appear larger than it actually is to use white. The colour white creates an illusion of space and stylish embellishments like glossy tiles can help to add sophistication to the entire space.

Bathroom tiles from floor to ceiling

Bathroom tiles from floor to ceiling

Although tiles can be pricey, they are easy to clean and not prone to having mould. Besides the easy maintenance, laying tiles from the floor to the ceiling makes the ceiling look taller. You may not be able to do it for your entire bathroom but try to have it from floor to ceiling in your shower area.

Allow natural light in

Windows in the bathroom of HDB flats are really small that it may be difficult to let as much natural light as you want in. However, do not block any light entering through the small window by removing any plants or laundry that could obstruct the light. Make use of glossy surfaces to reflect light so it can bounce off and create more light in your bathroom.

Go for transparency

Transparent sink
Image Credit: Overstock

Going transparent means to choose fixtures that are clear and see-through in your bathroom. This helps to give the space a light and airy feel and it visually expands your room’s limited size. Transparent items could be your sink or a faucet.

No vanity counter

Vanity counters are not a must if you are really short on space. Just keep the essentials you need for your bathroom. For storage, you can choose a wall mounted sink and if you really need, you can build a wall-mounted cabinet as a storage space.

Use mirrors

Large mirror in bathroom
Image Credit: Architecture Art Designs

Large and frameless mirrors can make a small bathroom look bigger and grander than it is. Pick tall mirrors that reach the height of the ceiling to elevate the visual height of the space. Mirrors with built-in storage are very useful at maximizing space and hiding unsightly items from view such as your bottles of moisturizer, facewash, toothbrush and toothpaste. With little space in a tiny bathroom, it is essentially in having a storage space.

Utilize space around the window

Open shelving over the window in bathroom
Image Credit: The Interior Lab

Short of space to build shelves or storage? You can build storage over your window to make use of the space. Build an open shelving over the window so that you can place your bathroom items and yet not obstruct light and air into your bathroom from the window.

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