Ways to Minimise Clutter and Maximise Space in Your Closet

When you move into your new home, it feels like you are restarting your life. You vow to have minimize clutter and maximize the space in your closet. However, it may not take long for some people to lose that focus. Weekend shopping and online deals make it difficult to retain a neat and tidy situation at home. Suddenly, you’ve got a mountain of just-washed new clothes to put in the closet. You find that your brand new linens don’t have a space to call home. Your shoes seem to have multiplied over a few months.

What do you do?

First, you have to declutter!

While decluttering is the first thing to do to get organised and get rid of access that you don’t need, sometimes, you have to be smart with organising and making use of the space in your home.

It is real estate, darling!

Here are a few things you can do (other than decluttering) to minimise mess and maximise space.

Get a clothing rack

wooden clothing rack

Okay, you’ve got a nice closet – but what is that pile of clothes doing on your bed, your chair, and another heap on the living room sofa?

Are they clothes that are too clean for the wash but too dirty to be put in the closet? Do you have clothes that are just washed but you don’t have time to fold them? Are they clothes that you are planning to wear today or tomorrow?

Sometimes, it all gets mixed up in a pile.

But that is okay. Maybe you can introduce a clothing rack to your space. That way, you can have a legit place to pile, hang, or dump your clothes. It is also a cheap investment.

Use the baskets for clothes you plan to re-wear that don’t crinkle or the ones you plan to fold. You can drape the clothes you want to re-wear too. For clean clothes you plan to wear, hang them up nicely.

Use sliding doors

Mirrored sliding door wardrobe

Doors take up a lot of space. If your room is cramped, sliding doors will be the answer to your space issues. Better still, get sliding doors with mirrors so you’ll not need to allocate space for a full-length mirror. That is not all, mirrors along the length of your cupboard can reflect light, illuminating, and opening up the area further.

Hang accessories

accessories display on walls

Most ladies love their accessories. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, scarves, and bags – you name it, there has got to be a place to put it.

Instead of putting it in boxes, piling them up at the vanity, or storing them in the closet, dress your walls with it. You don’t need more pictures to frame; you just have to shift your focus and frame accessories instead. It saves space, reduces the possibility of it getting lost or tangled, and it beautifies the place effortlessly.

Add wardrobe lighting

wardrobe with led lighting strip

Cupboards don’t usually come with lights fixed into it. While it does not physically create more space, light gives it a magic touch by illuminating the interior, making it easy for you to find what you are looking for. A small LED addition inside the closet will ensure you reach for the right apparel without dragging the other folded clothes out with it.

Use hangers with multiple hooks

Hanger with multiple hooks

Not enough hanging space? You can opt to have double rods and get these multi hangers that double up as a single hanger as well. Use each to hang clothes with a similar purpose or colour.

Add storage above wardrobe

Storage boxes above cabinets

There is usually space above the wardrobe that is left to collect dust. Don’t waste the space. Pack your travel apparel (you don’t need snow boots and winter jackets in Singapore after all) and place them where they won’t take space in your closet. Get pretty rattan baskets with covering, fold them nicely, and put them away at the vacant lot above.

Organising is no easy feat. It usually takes some time to plan, but when you finished with it, it brings benefits to your mental health too. Items you need to help with your decluttering and organisation also do not incur much money. We hope this article gives you a perspective on how you can be free from the mess that stems from the stuff you own.

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