Welcome Home to Luxury Living

Space: Condominium at 93 Meyer Road (The MeyeRise) Renovation Cost: $60k Year of Completion: 2017 Renovation Period: 8 weeks Style: Modern Luxury Project By: Matrix Interior
Step into this condominium, and be instantly blown away by the spectacular sight that greets guests upon entry. From its grand communal space to a master suite the likes of a luxury hotel, this abode epitomises living at its finest. Polished surfaces and tinted mirrors that thrive in this space reflect its opulence, while fancy light fixtures impart a soft glow. The meticulously chosen soft furnishings – from curtains to carpet – permeate an inviting allure throughout the interior. Dressed in a textured veneer and in a shade that echoes that of the sofa fronting it, the television feature wall heightens the luxe factor in this room.

Stowed behind a sliding door, even the shoe cabinet is a pretty sight with its geometric cutout doors.

Mealtimes are made better with a dining space that’s oh-so stately – all curated with fine furniture pieces topped with a glittering ceiling light. The full-length mirror that backs this part of the house is framed by plush fabric panels in a gorgeous shade of bronze.

Overlooking an amazing vista, the balcony encourages chill-out sessions with friends and family. Its uninterrupted view isn’t just relaxing, it’s perfect for stargazing.

The master bedroom is just as stunning as the rest of the abode. A mirrored wall backs the bed’s headboard, reflecting the panoramic view of the outdoors. Flanking the bed is a custom crafted wardrobe that is class personified. Apart from dedicating space for clothes, it’s also fitted with glass display cabinets to store and showcase the homeowner’s collection of luxury bags.

Even the children’s rooms are statement-making. The one with the striking feature wall boasts genius storage ideas. Its platform bed frame sports storage compartments at the sides, while a shelf that hangs right above the study table hardly takes up any precious floor space.

The other room comes with a loft bed. The gaping space underneath it is a study station that overlooks the stunning view outside. Under each step that leads up to the bed is a storage compartment for the little one to keep his bits and bobs.

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