Welcome to Geo-Urban Paradise

By Admin , Aug 16, 2021
Welcome to Geo-Urban Paradise

A balance between modern and traditional, bulky and compact, urban and organic, this home at 120, Pasir Ris St 11, designed by Todz’Terior, exhibits both sides of the divide.

We don’t often get to take a peek into two-story landed properties in Singapore, therefore, this visit is one you must take. It explores textures, colors, and ways to use dated furnishings to breathe life and equilibrium into the home.

Todzterior - Living room

The designers believe that good space planning and design contribute to the overall energy of a room.

There is a distinct masculine design in the television room located on the first floor. From the tufted gunmetal-colored leather sofa to the heavily varnished hardwood console, this is what most people would call a “man cave”. This room features maximalist furnishing in a minimalist space for late-night football matches or movie nights.

Todzterior - dining space

On the ground floor, there is the kitchen and dining area. You’ll see similarities between the colours present in the television room and this space. The heart of the home is where food is served. The laughter of the home? That is where the drinks are served.

In this corner, the designers use track lights to illuminate the dark-toned furnishings. It is contrasted with white walls, balancing cheery and moody.

As you roam the space, you’ll see how wood and dark elements are present to contrast and expertly balance the room.

todzterior - foyer

First impressions are created when you enter a home – and first impressions leave a lasting impact.

Upon entry, you’ll see a green velvet ottoman aligned in front of the feature wall. It steals the spotlight though it functions as a seating area to don shoes.

To keep the area spick and span, a black and brown built-in shoe cabinet sits along the wall that stretches to the entrance.

This space stands out among the other areas in the home as it exhibits more colour.

todzterior - kitchen

The kitchen is on the ground floor. The cabinets are clothed in matte black. It is contrasted by the browns, striking a balance between warm and neutral. You’ll see the cabinetry design is similar to the shoe rack, with drawers spotting the same diagonal wood grain design and a black kitchen top.

For additional storage, a bar-like peninsula extends from the wall. This feature is dual function – a casual spot for people to chat close to where the action is while providing additional kitchen top space for food prep.

Todzterior - kitchen

The kitchen extends the length of the home. With a spacious kitchen, the designers took liberty by fixing matte black kitchen cabinets. However, with white ceilings, light vinyl flooring and sufficient lighting, it does nothing to make the kitchen closed up at all.

When considering black, ensure there is natural lighting in a space. If you want elegance, a touch of black is always recommended.

Todzterior - bedroom

When it comes to private rooms, the interior should be designed to reflect the person using them.

Here you can see that one wall is painted black. It would have been a big no-no in the past, especially for Asian families. But times have changed. From taboo, black walls have become trendy.

Todzterior - bedroom

Though dark colours can make a room feel smaller, it can easily be remedied by a white ceiling, as seen in this room.

Lighting is crucial too. Here, you see track lights and floor lamps with high wattage. Instead of ordinary lights, the room is set like a stage, where the surroundings are dim, but the room is accented with spotlights.

Todzterior - bedroom cabinet

How do you balance a black wall?

Have a lighter coloured wall facing where the natural lighting is coming in!


Because it reflects light well.

Todzterior - master bedroom

The theme in the next bedroom is the same. However, instead of a black wall, grey is painted on all four walls, making the room feel brighter, without the dramatic effect.

Track lights are fixed close to the ceiling above the windowpane, with all four bulbs directed to the top. It throws indirect light downwards through the reflection of light to the entire room.

todzterior - master bedroom

The master bedroom is vastly different from the two previous rooms, much brighter and lighter.

The blacks have been swapped with whites, with a lone grey wall as a feature. Though this is the traditional way to design rooms, it is the perfect recipe to create a calm and serene space.

todzterior - bathroom

Despite the contemporary-industrial theme in the home, wood finds its way into every room – even in the bathroom.

Here, neutral cool greys work well with the wood to neutralize warmth.

Contrary to popular belief, wood is totally okay to use in bathrooms. You just have to wipe it down instead of letting it sit, A good varnish will make the panels more durable.

todzterior - bathroom

Bare pipes and sleek hardware is the essence of an industrial-themed interior design. The wooden panel grounds the design.

The bathroom remains classy and minimal despite the different materials and textures, offering functionality, stripped of unnecessary decor. It makes the space look larger.

todzterior - balcony

Behind the television room is a covered al-fresco hangout area on the second floor. Drenched in grey hues, it balances well with the sunlight streaming into the area. If the sunlight gets too strong, the matchstick natural roll-up blind can be rolled down.

todzterior - balcony

Despite using a lot of metal materials along with grey and black hues in the home, it is always balanced with wood and natural material.

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