What Are The Latest Furniture Trends In 2020?

Generally speaking, homes had gradually become smaller and smaller. Where the population would increase, the home size would generally decrease. It is no question that Hong Kong together with Japan has one of the smallest home living conditions to ever exist.

Therefore, before a new home buyer gets excited. He/she has to reassess as to what type of furniture they can buy, or whether or not it is practical to buy such furniture.

Here are some tips on what type of furniture a buyer could purchase if space is limited in their new homes.

As for myself, when I just purchased my new home this year. It was just a single built to order (BTO) HDB (Housing Development Board) unit. The space was cramp and very limited. I did not have the luxury of purchasing big furniture like items that would fit in my one-room BTO.

One thing that I truly love is the type of bed that I have to sleep in. First and foremost, it has to be comfortable. Followed by the affordability. You have to be able to sleep on that bed, wake up a fresh and not feel like such a drag.

The item I do enjoy is sofas. Who does not enjoy a good and comfortable sofa?  One of my absolute favourites is the type that converts itself into a hybrid bed and sofa combination. Fig 1 will show you what I am talking about.

Hybrid sofa and bed

If you are not sleeping, all you need to do, is to fold up the bed and store it and Walla you will have yourself a sofa or bed if you so desire.

Hybrid sofa and bed

The best part of this is, you are able to save a lot of money on cost. By buying a stand-alone bed it could cost a buyer anywhere from $2000 SGD to $5000 excluding the sofa, and if you were to add in the sofa, the cost could range anywhere from $500 to $2000. Unnecessary amount spent may be as high as $10000.

Where could I purchase such a sofa bed? Well the answer could be rather obvious, online perhaps? The usually traditional sites like Tao Bao or Amazon will do the trick. Or if you are the generally old school type of individual that has to see the item before he buys it, the next best place to buy such a product will be Courts, or Ikea. Brands that many are familiar with.

Hybrid sofa and bed

There are some home buyers who do not like the idea of sofa beds. Mr. Ang said (which I can understand where he comes from) “A bed is meant to be slept on, imagine your guess that have not showered sits on your bed and at night you have to sleep on the bed that they have sat on. Absolutely disgusting”. Well to each his own I guess.

Sofa bed in room

Whether you are concern of hygiene or of cost there is something around for everyone in todays furniture market. You could even design your very own built in bed.

Built in bed and sofa

After using the bed, just store it back in the closet. Therefore, the space you could utilize later will be useful.

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