What NOT to do when organizing your home.

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Have you ever gotten so frustrated about your place and how unorganised it is but you absolutely don’t know what to do – or where to start! The living room is messy, you’ve got a pile of clothes that needs folding, the groceries are stuffed in the pantry cabinet you don’t know if what’s at the back is already expired or not. So, here is a collection of what NOT to do when organizing your home.

Don’t Do Everything At Once

Organzing your refrigerator
credit: DIY & Crafts

When you realise that there are many things in the home to organise, don’t panic!

Take a deep breath and acknowledge that starting a new organising task can be daunting. And if you are looking at the many areas in your home that need to be organised, it serves as a distraction, not a solution. So what do you do?

Don’t try to organize everything at once.

organizing containers
Credit: ChowHound

If you are planning to organise your wardrobe, start with one drawer instead of the whole cabinet. If you start with taking everything out in the cabinet, it will stress you out more because you’ll have no choice but to reorganise the mountain of clothes that lay before you.

Too much stress!!!

Start with only one spot and remember that organisation can be done over a few weeks, even months, not in one day.

Don’t buy organising containers YET!

When you are trying to organise, never go to the stores to check out containers or boxes. Say no to IKEA too!

Purchases for organising your items should be the last thing you do because you are trying to get unwanted stuff out of the home and other items in its right place.

So what should you do first? Find one area you’d like to declutter. Declutter that spot by getting rid of all the items and separating the items you want according to their use. Check if there are any empty boxes or containers lying around that can be used to store those items. Some are just tiny trinkets that do not need a box by themselves. There may be a drawer at home that can fit them nicely.

Once every area is decluttered and set aside can you make informed purchases of containers and other organizing compartments.

Don’t think it is a one-time thing

organizational shelves

Having things organised is a lifestyle – and until we get that into our system, we will not continue to be organised. So what do you do?

Ah, it is time to manage your expectations! Don’t expect your organised items to remain organised.

You may have set an organising system last year, but some of them don’t seem to work in a few zones – and that is okay. Since organising is an ongoing activity, revisit those spaces again and ask, what went wrong? Identify the issue and start a better system. Expect it to evolve as you bring in more items and remove others.

Don’t hold onto unused items

pack away unused items
credit: The Jakarta Post

You need to be honest with yourself; do you have items in your home that you don’t use but you never get rid of because… you think you will need it someday?

You are not the only one, but that mindset has got to change.

Perfectly usable items can be given away or sold online (that is what Facebook marketplace is for). You might even get some pocket money to fund your new organising containers. However, if you hold on to unused items, it might end up as clutter.

Don’t organise other people’s items

organizing cabinets
credit: ArtMuse Interior

How do you like the feeling of you hard at work organising and your spouse or your grown children just sit down and scroll on their Instagram page, oblivious about the hard work you are putting in? How do you like seeing your own unorganised items and another housemate’s items also sprawled out on the table that both of you use?

Frustrating, maybe?

But you can take control of the situation by taking hold of yourself.

Focus on your stuff and organizing your home. You can place items that are not yours aside or let the person know that it will be in a box for them to organize later. If they decide to organize with you, then hey, you’ve got an organizing buddy!

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