What to consider when refurnishing your study room – Interior Decorating Tips

redecorating your study room

The study room is where you want absolute peace and tranquility to work and study. It can be a crucial room for people who have to mug for exams, do up important proposals or work from home. It can even be a room for meeting people from work.

With so many functions, it is a room you should not be shabby about. A better environment will improve your productivity for work or study.

What are the factors for making that perfect study room? We round up some things to bear in mind when you revamp or do up your study room.

Choose the right colour

What is the best colour for concentration or better yet motivation? Your environment can make a whole world of difference when you are under the pressure to excel for work or study.

Muted Green tones
Credit: Pinterest

Muted green as pictured above is good as it gives off a serene vibe, ideal for a study where you have to cool your mind to fully concentrate. The colour can be matched with medium to dark wood tones and also look good with modern to contemporary furnishings.

Pale orange tones for study room
Credit: Dulux

To up the positive vibes, you can choose a pale orange, it can make you happy so that you remain cheerful even when you have to work very hard for that ever important exam or work presentation.

As colours affect moods, some colours you can pick include yellow that brings cheer, blue for serenity and of course creamy white that just gives off a neutral vibe.

Let in the light

In the study room you need to do a lot of reading, so sufficient light to read the fine print is one factor you have to place priority on.

Study room with wide windows
credit: Instagram

You either should choose bright fluorescent lights or make use of natural lighting by having big windows. You can then position your table next to these windows to light in not only light but also natural breeze.

Study room with lamps
credit: Instagram

During the night, you can also opt for a working table lamp with a tilting head to position it on your work area. There are many options from Ikea. This Tertial work lamp can be your work horse as you pore over numerous readings. It comes with an adjustable arm and head to put the spotlight on the area you need.

Source for storage

You will bound to have lots of needs for storage for stowing your books, your files, working papers etc.

Study room with open shelves
credit: Instagram (@inspirecanberra)

You can customise cupboards such as this pictured above. The white coloured open style cabinet acts as a wall versatile in use for storing as many things as you want. You can just reach for things when you want them at your convenience. The colour is also easy to match.

Study room with built in cabinets

Another alternative is to have a built in cabinet that also acts as a study table. This study room takes on a wood theme with matching white cabinets exuding a woody, serene feel.

Find the perfect chair

Minimalist study room
credit: Instagram

The last thing you have to do is of course find that perfect chair. They say the factor that keeps you at home is whether you have a comfortable chair to sit in at home. This black chic upholstered chair with wooden legs matches with the minimalist interior

Study room with luxurious chair
credit: Instagram

Alternatively you may want to recline in a more luxurious chair. This sofa seat will see you through study as well as day dreaming or even napping in your study room.

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