What’s Current: Luxurious White Home by Absolook

When one selects contemporary minimalism as the theme for their interior design, many steer clear from too much white. The tones chosen are usually deep sensual hues that range from ashy brown to sleek black. Whites usually take the back seat and are only used as accents.

However, in this four-room resale apartment at 273C Punggol Place, Absolook Interior has breathed new life to the meaning of contemporary minimalism. Taking white to paint its blank canvas, the apartment has been transformed to exude modernity and class. We are taking you on a virtual tour today.

Absolook Kitchen area

The kitchen is long and narrow, but that does not mean you cannot afford an island separate from the stovetop and kitchen sink. Designed for functionality without neglecting beauty, the kitchen is furnished in white marbled top and splashback. A drying rack is strategically placed on top of the kitchen sink. It will ease kitchenware placement after it has been washed.

Absolook Kitchen and dining area

From another angle, you can see that the island also doubles up as a minibar. It is glamourously accompanied by two blush pink velvet cushion bar stools. The stovetop just behind it allows food to be served without moving about from one end to the other end of the kitchen.

The white track lights illuminate the space, making it look more spacious and airy. Attention to detail is also observed. Along with the white hardwareless cabinets doors, the white refrigerator also adheres to the colour theme, making the space look seamless.

Absolook living room

In the living room, bleach blonde wood panels and flooring are introduced. The ivory blackout curtains match with the three-seater leather sofa. This room still holds its classy vibe while introducing warmth. There are two types of recessed lighting installed here, the flush recessed and conferred light recess, both important to give the room a beautiful glow.

absolook bathroom

If you need a washroom break, step away from the cosy living room, to the luxurious bathroom. The design is similar to the kitchen area, but more industrial textures are introduced. The grey marbled stone tiles pairs amazingly with the porcelain tiles on the wall. To add drama, the black hardware is used for the taps and the showerhead. For uniformity, the rims of the mirror and incense sticks are also black.

absolook study room's wardrobe

Pastel colours are introduced in the study, breaking the white monopoly. Fitted with an ergonomic swivel chair, the room intended for work feels extremely homey. Beige curtains pair well with the mint coloured walls. Instead of making the room a white slate, oak brown furniture is used.

absolook storage unit

Adjacent to the study desk is an artistic built-in custom cabinet that plays with shape and colour. Flanked left and right are cupboard doors in oak brown, seamless with the vinyl flooring. Surrounding the middle open shelving are white cupboard doors. This artistic design playing with shape and form creates the illusion of a rectangle portal.

absolook study room's wardrobe

When designing a room that does not receive as much natural lighting, additional lights need to be fixed. In this room, two track lights are placed perpendicular to each other, creating maximum lighting, brightening all the nooks and corners of the room.

More whites are used in this room to create the illusion of spaciousness, from the upper cupboard doors to the acrylic chair. The darker oak wood panels used in the study are replaced with lighter maple ones.

Absolook - two tone wall

Murals are not only welcomed in public spaces. You can have them in your personal space too. If you’d like a minimalistic feature wall, consider this pastel geometric mural.

Absolook - foyer shoe cabinet

Upon entry, you’ll be greeted by a maple coloured shoe and storage cabinet with white doors as accents. For shoes that are worn less, it can be kept inside the cupboard. For those that are worn often, access them immediately at the bare slope base at the base. The open shelving in the middle of the cabinet can be used to store keys and incoming letters.

What is not to love about this classy white home? It emanates serenity and luxury, a pair that rarely dances together when it comes to interior design. Absolook Interior managed to pull off an all-white kitchen, warm living room, and dashes of pastel colours around the home. They have created a beautiful and functional space for a growing family.

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