Which floor tile is the most suitable for you?

September 12th 2022

Which floor tile is the most suitable for you?

One of the things that is first hacked away during renovation works is the floor. Certain materials are better for different lifestyles or rooms. So, it is important that we know the properties and pros and cons of each material before we can decide which floor tile is the most appropriate for us. 

We have 5 of the most common floor tiles and highlighted their major pros and cons which may help you understand these materials better and whether they suit your lifestyle and home needs.

1. Ceramic

Ceramic tiles are the most common choice due to their versatility, affordability and durability. They can be used in pretty much any room in your home – from the living room to bedroom, and kitchen. You could also opt for glazed ceramic tile if you want something that’s more stain and damage resistant.

However, they may not be the most comfortable surface to walk on because it is quite hard and cold. If you’re living in a landed property then ceramic might be a little too heavy for the higher floors as well. 

2. Porcelain


Porcelain is a finer version of clay ceramic tiles. They undergo a more meticulous processing journey and is highly durable and can come in various colours and patterns.


But, porcelain is usually more expensive than other materials and its installation requires a more tedious process. 

3. Glass


Glass tiles look more luxurious and give your home a unique look. Often, they are used as backsplash or shower tiles. They are highly stain resistant and can even withstand acidic substances such as lemon juice.


But as expected, glass tiles do chip quite easily if you accidentally drop something on it, which could cause injuries and cost you quite a fair bit to repair the damage.

4. Marble