Why Should You Get A Water Dispenser In Your Home?

January 26th 2022

So, you may have heard that more of your friends or colleagues are upgrading their homes or offices with water dispensers recently. But are they really needed? After all, Singapore is well known for its safe and clean drinking water. So then, why are people increasingly purchasing water dispensers? Here are 5 reasons, and the best water dispensers you can get in Singapore!

Reason 1: Convenience

Who doesn’t love having hot or cold water with a simple push of a button!  With a water dispenser, you no longer need to wait for your kettle to boil water or for your ice to cool down your water. In fact, most water dispensers are equipped with innovative heating technology, allowing you to instantly dispense water ranging from 93 to 96°C. An added bonus? That is the perfect temperature for a perfect cup of coffee! But if hot drinks are not your cup of tea, a water dispenser can also immediately quench your thirst with refreshing cold water. The best kind of drink for Singapore’s hot and humid weather! Water dispensers allow you to instantly get your preferred temperature water, a benefit that traditional kettles certainly do not allow. 

Reason 2: Cleaner and Fresher Water

Undeniably, Singapore’s water is clean and safe to drink. But how clean do you think the pipelines are?  The pipelines of your home supply your daily water intake and yet, are not regularly replaced or cleaned. Sure, the water from your tap may be safe for consumption, but there will always be the risk of potential bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and impurities such as rust in your water.

While kettles may boil some bacteria away, contaminants like lead, nitrates, and pesticides cannot be removed with just boiling, and will still be present. Surprising? There’s more. Did you know that water left for more than 24 hours is considered stale and most likely contaminated by exposure to dirt and air? Even if you boil your water with kettles, you will need to store your water in larger containers. This is the easiest way to accumulate stale water and risk exposing your water to dirt or air.  That is a health risk you should not impose on yourself.

On the contrary, water dispensers have inbuilt filtration systems which sieve and filter away all these potential bacteria, viruses, and impurities. Additionally, water is stored safely in sealed ad secured tanks in your water dispensers. That means that you will never drink stale or contaminated water again! Fresher, cleaner, and purified water will always be available at your demand.

Reason 3: Saves Energy

Most water dispensers feature innovative water boiling technology and insulate your water to keep it hot. So, why is this important for you? This means that your water will constantly remain hot without using any energy, and you no longer need to waste any more energy re-heating your water. In fact, some newer models use a different instant hot water dispenser technology, which heats room temperature water to 100°C in just 3 seconds. Importantly, they also use less energy than traditional kettles as it takes a significantly shorter time.

Reason 4: Stylish Design

Kettles look boring and do little for your home aesthetic. On the other hand, water dispensers come in various shades of colours and designs to complement your home. Moreover, modern water dispensers are also slim, ensuring that they will fit anywhere you want in your house. Thus, with your chosen water dispenser design, you can get both the beneficial functionality and aesthetics for your homes!

Reason 5: Better Hydration

Studies and testimonials have proven that a water dispenser will make you subconsciously drink more water. This is because the process of getting water is so convenient, and you can also easily choose your preferred water temperature. With a water dispenser, you never need to track your water intake with water bottles, or cups. Your daily 8 cups of water goal can now be fulfilled easily with the convenience of drinking water. Say hello to all the health benefits of being hydrated!

Simply put, water dispensers reap indispensable benefits to every home. This is why more people are purchasing water dispensers, and why you should too. As an additional bonus, here are 5 recommended water dispensers in Singapore!

Purity Singapore Water Dispenser

Image credit: Purity Singapore’s Facebook

One of the most valuable water dispensers in Singapore would have to be by Purity Singapore. Purity Singapore water dispenser uses a unique alkaline water filter system, that provides you with beneficial alkaline water of your preferred temperature. The alkaline water filter system consists of 4 stages of filtration – the Sediment Filter, Ultra Filtration Membrane, Carbon Filter, and Alkaline Anti-Oxidant Filter. These filtrations ensure that your alkaline water will be thoroughly purified and clean from all kinds of sediments like rusts and sand and even much smaller impurities like bacteria, and pesticides.

Not only is alkaline water less acidic than regular tap water, but it is also rich in alkalizing compounds like calcium, silica, potassium, magnesium, and bicarbonate. In simpler terms, their alkaline water filter system helps you maintain pH balance in your body and provides you with healthy mineral water for drinking or cooking.  So, what exactly are the health benefits that Purity Singapore water dispensers offer? Improved blood pressure, healthier organs, skin, immune system, anti-aging, and cancer prevention properties are just some of the benefits! Did you also know? Alkaline water has a higher than 7 pH balance, which also improves the taste of the water. 

Image credit: Purity Singapore’s Facebook

Moreover, it comes in 4 sleek and stunning colours – black, white, chrome, and red. If you prefer a more muted colour scheme, black, white, and chrome is the one for you! For those that want a pop of colour in your kitchen, or want to gift yourself a Christmas or Chinese new year present, red would be a perfect choice. Additionally, they are considerably thinner than the rest on the market, which allows you to fit them anywhere in your kitchen! If you are worried about installation, Purity Singapore also offers high-quality and fast water dispenser installation services and post-sale maintenance. Thus, you can be sure that you will be 100% satisfied with the usual benefits of a water dispenser, a unique alkaline water filtration system, and a hassle-free experience!

TOYOMI Instant Boil Water Dispenser FB 6108

Image credit: Toyomi

For those that want instant hot boiling water, this is the water dispenser for you! Featuring a high-quality stainless steel heating system, this water dispenser takes just 3 to 5 seconds to get you boiling hot water. Additionally, with the translucent 3L water tank, you can easily check the amount of water left, and refill it accordingly. 

The extra-large tank also features a removable design that prevents dust from entering and allows easy cleaning. Notably, you can press the LCD display touch screen once for an automatic dispensing of an appropriate amount of water for a single cup, or one bottle of water. Talk about smart features and a better experience! Toyomoi’s water dispenser comes with a child lock that continues to be equipped, even when left unattended. That means that the water dispenser is 100% safe even if you have children around!

828 Water Dispenser – Model 828136

Image credit: 828 Water Dispenser

828 Water Dispenser is perfect for those that want more options, such as choosing between a floor standing or tabletop water dispenser. They offer different types of water dispensers, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs! In particular, their latest tabletop Water Dispenser series 3 (Model 828136) features a sleek and incredibly aesthetically pleasing design. It comes in 4 different beautiful colours, off-white, oak brown, mandarin orange, and rose red. If their designs have amazed you, you will be amazed further to know that it is also packed with functionality and beneficial features. Their water dispenser contains a 4 step ultra-filtration system, user-friendly LED control panel, and an optional alkaline and mineral pack. Thus, providing you with even more choices to modify according to your preference.

Xiaomi VIOMI Hot Water Dispenser

Image credit: Lazada

If you prefer a smaller-sized water dispenser, this is the one for you. This minimal and compact water dispenser can occupy 2L of water, which can be the perfect amount for those who plan to use it for morning coffees, or those who are living alone. Additionally, the small size allows you to place it anywhere that you like. In particular, it offers four temperature options of 50, 80, 90, and 98°C. Another special feature is it will automatically shut down after 30 seconds of inactivity, thus preventing any accidental scalding!

Cosmo Quantum Water Dispenser

Image credit: Cosmo

If you are willing to fork out more for better quality water dispensers, you should consider Cosmo Quantum Water Dispenser. With a technologically advanced 6-step purification process, it promises that harmful microorganisms, metals, organic compounds, and other impurities will be filtered, and every single water molecule will be thoroughly disinfected and cleaned. In fact, it is so safe that even babies can drink it! 

To ensure the purity of the water, the water dispenser also employs a tankless design to prevent the possibility of microbial growth in stagnant water. What’s extra good about the Cosmo Quantum water dispenser is its user-friendly control panel, allowing you to easily adjust water temperature (3 to 96°C), and optional volume control (180 ml, 220 ml, & 1000 ml). That means you can precisely and easily dispense the amount of water at the optimal temperature with just a single tap! Importantly, it also has a filter change indicator to automatically monitor and inform you about the filter’s condition. Now, you can rest assured that the water you get will be the very best!


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