Why You Should Wait to Visit Jewel

Singapore’s latest attraction has final opened. Over 5 years in the making, this could very well be Singapore’s own crown Jewel. A sparkling gem in the east, what you’ve seen over social media and news reports have all been extremely flattering of the latest mall. With one-of-a-kind attractions such as the worlds largest indoor waterfall in an airport, over 10 stories of cutting edge architectural marvel filled with world class shops and everyone’s favorite, A&W.

But, with all this hype and craze about being the first few to visit Jewel, is it really worth it to brace the crowds and wait for hours just to get your hands on that Coney Dog, or battle the hoarde to try and get that perfect snap for Instagram? Well, if you haven’t already visited Jewel, we’d recommend that you should wait and here’s why.

Attractions Yet to Come

While Jewel opened up with much fanfare and praise, the mall is actually not in full swing yet. If you think the waterfall and indoor plants are all the mall has to offer, you could be missing out on quite a few treats in store for you.

Planned to be the best mix of retail shopping experience and the high-tech greenery of Gardens By the Bay, more than half of the interactive exhibits and attractions of Jewel have yet to open. While you may get to experience the wonders currently available, you’ll still be missing the main course of the experience.

Image of Jewel skynet walk way


From a Skynet walk way, to different types of mazes, there’s still a handful of attractions that are not yet open to the public in Jewel.

Image of Jewel canopy park


Adults can already get the most out of a single visit to Jewel (if you’re willing to wait for hours), but kids won’t be getting the full possible experience of the futuristic mall. Opening from June 10th this year, mazes and slides will finally be open for them to run around and have fun. But if these attractions aren’t to your fancy and you aren’t very enticed by these features, we’ll ask you to consider the next point.

Outlast the Crowd

How does queuing for 2 hours for a meal sound to you? ‘Unappetizing’ should be one of the words to come up to mind. Right now crowds and people are experiencing queues from the popular food outlets including Shakeshack, A&W and even the Tiger Beer Street Lab.

Image of Jewel Shake Shack queue


It’s not just the food that’s taking a hit for the worse, but shops too. The much awaited Pokemon Center has been such a huge hit with the crowds that to even enter the shop you’ll have to park yourself in a queue which is often over an hour long, not to mention how uncomfortable the shopping experience is with lanes jammed pack with human traffic.

If this is starting to sound unappealing to you, well consider waiting for the crowds to die out before making a trip down. We suggest avoiding the weekends and holidays (both school holidays and public holidays) and make your first visit later in the year. If you make your way in earlier in the day (the mall is open 24/7 but most shops only open from 10am – 10pm) you’ll find yourself more room and fewer people around. 

Tiger Street Lab

Image of Jewel Tiger Street Lab

An innovative collaboration between the home grown brand and local hawkers, the Tiger Street Lab is just as exciting as its name implies. Working as a brilliant combination of uniquely Singaporean experiences, the restaurant works with acclaimed hawkers to come up with food fusion combining the delectable flavours of your favorite hawker offerings and the refreshing taste of different Tiger Beer products.

Image of Jewel Tiger Beer food item


The lab will rotate the hawkers on stage every quarter, this time they have teamed up with Keng Eng Kee to deliver a unique blend of Radler Lemon with Fried Chicken cutlets. So if you’ve already been there once, waiting for a second visit could give you a new dining experience.

When You Do Visit

Whenever do you decide to visit Jewel enjoy yourself as you soak in the amazing offers this place has to offer. From the Nike flagship store, to unique eateries littered across the compound to unbeatable experiences all under one roof, the mall is truly a marvel of architecture and progress of technology.

Travelling to Jewel is simple, if you’re taking public transport you can quickly walk over from the MRT station, through terminal 1. For those driving, parking can be extremely tricky with high parking rates at the terminal and the mall itself. But a little trick would be to park at terminal 4 where you get 3 hours of free parking, and the mall is a simple shuttle bus ride away.