Window Covering Ideas

Living in sunny Singapore, sometimes the sun just gets too hot and blinding. We thus look for good window coverings to block out sunlight and keep the heat out. But with so many options to choose from, which one is the best for you? Here are some of the most popular window covers.

Roman Shades

If you are looking for an option that is simple and elegant, you might want to consider roman shades. They are classy, practical and provide privacy while keeping the sun out. Roman shades are raised and lowered through the use of a cord system and rings sewn such that the fabric is evenly stacked when raised. There are so many options to choose from such as unconstructed flat, relaxed, balloon, butterfly, tucked, Austrian and waterfall roman shades which give different effects when raised.

Solar Shades

Want to enjoy the scenery but still want to keep the sun out? Solar shades also are known as sunscreens are a tightly woven fabric which keeps the sun out but is translucent such that the scenery can be seen. They are a streamlined, sophisticated and eco-friendly option for your home. They are however just as translucent from the inside, they are too from the outside thus compromising on privacy.

Motorised Shades

Motorised shades are popular in modern luxurious hotels as it provides convenience by avoiding the hassle of pulling strings to raise or lower your blinds. You can also choose the transparency of the shades and range in colours. It is however costly and will require maintenance in the long run

Woven Shades

If you love the earthy and natural look of wood and bamboo, why not try woven shades? Woven shades are organic and are often made of grass and shaven wood, filtering light through the natural gaps of the materials. For more privacy, a roller shade is placed underneath it, giving it a natural look.


Drapes block out all traces of sunlight through the use of heavy, non-see-through fabric. They tend to run from the top all the way to the floor and are more formal and stylish. Drapes provide maximum privacy and keep the heat in on cool days and cold air in on hot days.


Not to be confused with drapes, curtains are significantly different. Curtains, unlike drapes, are more casual as they let light in and are of a lighter and softer material. If you want the drape appearance but want a lighter weight material, just add linings to the curtains and they will appear more like drape panels. The appeal of flowing fabric as the wind blows is popular and thus curtains are a widely used option.

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