Woodcraft Interior Design - 415C Fernvale Link

November 23rd 2022

Woodcraft Interior Design (415C Fernvale Link)

An interior design firm based in Singapore, Woodcraft Interior Design has always fulfilled its promise to transform a once barren space into the house of one’s dreams. They take their client’s ideal space ideas and bring them to life with experienced interior designers and project managers who ensure the future homes are functional and designed just the way the clients want it. They take pride in their team of contractors and suppliers, who are all carefully chosen to ensure one’s dream house is built with precision and quality. 

One unique selling point about this firm is that they have their own carpentry workshop, allowing them to be a service provider with a one-stop solution to any carpentry needs. Having their own workshop also allows them to sell carpentry at factory cost pricing. That is a great plus point for clients as it means they get great quality at a lower cost. Woodcraft Interior Design aspires to make your dream house come alive, and they vow to bring only the best to the table in order to do so. Let us take a look at one of their projects at 415C Fernvale Link and see how they transformed the space. This HDB unit takes on a modern theme, with unique colour schemes and textures in each room.


The first impression of the space starts great with marbled cabinets lined with gold details. The door gives a nice contrast to the sleekness of the marbled surroundings, while the neutral flooring prevents the space from being too chaotic. Woodcraft Interior Design has made use of ceiling-high cabinets to maximise the wall space while giving the illusion of a higher ceiling. With light fixtures strategically placed, the corridor almost looks like a showroom, giving off a welcoming and wealthy vibe.


The living room brings out a different feel as compared to the corridor while still blending well with the rest of the house. The kitchen features grey cabinets that are lined with gold details as well. The kitchen looks very big, and that is thanks to the cabinets stretching all the way to the ceiling. 

With the dark tones of the kitchen, the gold details are more defined in this space, making it look like the kitchen of an affluent person. The reflective surfaces of the island counter and the backsplash brings a nice contrast to the otherwise matte looking space. Together with the beautiful bar stools, the kitchen’s aesthetics are elevated to a whole new level. Built in ovens and wine chillers allow for the countertop to be free from clutter, which in turn make the kitchen look chic and neat. 

Living room

A recurring theme to notice throughout the whole house is the use of gold accents to bring out the different base colours of each room. From the white corridor to the grey kitchen, we now move on to the living room. The living room features a beautiful mix of the three main colour choices for the house, with a marble feature wall behind the television screaming luxury. The television is the main focal point of this space, with spotlights on the television to make the space look more centralised. The soft sofa adds a nice and comfortable touch to the living room, adding to the room’s homey vibe. Woodcraft Interior Design also made impressive use of furniture that perfectly complements the theme. The big window helps to brighten up the space a lot more, making the living room look a lot bigger than it may be. Gold drapes and white curtains add a great touch to the living room, and its hidden bars keep the corners looking clean and sleek. 

Master bedroom

The bedroom would have to be the most different out of all the spaces in the house, as it showcases a more zen colour palette with neutral tones. The walls are a nice shade of cream that contrasts nicely with the wooden flooring. What makes the bedroom stand out from other houses would be the glass that encloses the closet. While some may think such designs make spaces look messier, the glass closet instead turns an otherwise basic bedroom into a cool one. The frosted glass of the bathroom ensures privacy for the occupant while adding a touch of mystery to the room. The vanity area is spacious and well-lit, brightening up the room and making it look livelier. The covered LED lights keep the ceilings looking clean, while the unique light fixtures above the bed frame give the room an extra boost aesthetically. 


Last but not least, we have the bathrooms. Both the master and common bathrooms have similar designs, with neutral colour tones that match with the rest of the house. The standing shower in bathrooms resemble the closet of the master bedroom with glass panels surrounding the area. Two different textures were used for the bottom and top halves of the walls, with the top textured wall being slightly reminiscent of blinds. The highlight of the bathrooms, however, would have to be the mirrors, which are uniquely designed with the house’s signature gold accents. Matched with the rest of the bathroom, the space may remind some of a bathroom in one of Bali’s beautiful resorts. 

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