WOW! Pizza you can get at less than $20!

Anyone craving for a pan of piping hot pizza? Today, we are introducing 6 pizza places that are offering below $20 only!

eM By The Marina

eM By The Marina pizza menu

They offer 3 different types of pizza in the house:

  • Margherita pizza $15
  • Bacon pizza $18
  • Four cheese pizza $18
Bacon pizza

To order from them, you can call or WhatsApp them at: 62712802

Blue Label Pizza & Wine

They are offering ALL pizzas at $20 only on TUESDAY! Here’s a look a their extensive choices of pizza you can enjoy for $20 on tuesday.

Blue Label Pizza & Wine pizza menu

Here are some of the few recommended pizzas!

The Travis Supreme pizza

The Travis Supreme (Original price: $35) Made with ground chuck, seasame crust, special sauce and cheddar-bacon melt.

The Green Machine pizza

The Green Machine (Orignal price: $30) Made with Bechamel, Kale, asparagus and pistachios

You can order by dropping them a text at: 98219362 (Ang Siang) or 97857799 (Mandarin Gallery).

Furama – Tiffany Cafe & Restaurant

They are offering pizzas at very affordable prices! The price ranges from $10-$13!

Furama - Tiffany Cafe & Restaurant pizza menu

To order, you can visit their online platform: Tiffany cafe & restaurant


They are offering ‘Stay home value meals’ for all customers! Enjoy 10′ pizza with drinks at only $15! They also offer other set meals such as pasta and salad at the same price.

PizzaFace pizza

To order, you can visit their online menu here: PizzaFace


Pizzamaru is the first korean pizza restaurant in Singapore! Their dough is made from green tea which is unique and nutritious! They are offering several pizzas below $20

PizzaMaru pizza menu

To order, you can visit their online menu here: Pizzamaru


They are offering a total of 14 different types of pizza, all below $20! Their range pizza caters for everyone including vegetarians!

ALT.Pizza menu

To order, you can check out their online menu here: Alt.Pizza

So, if you wish to indulge in these delicious pizzas together with your favourite film over the weekends, ORDER TODAY!