Your Home Colour For The Year Of The Rat

Every Chinese Lunar New Year, it has been a tradition to read our Chinese horoscope in anticipation of what is to come. This year, the year of the rat is no different. But besides looking out for good luck in career, money and relationships, we can also look at colours. Colours can be used to improve not only our moods but also luck.


Purple is a colour of royalty and also an undertone of the lucky colour red. It brings about an air of sophistication, and luxurious vibes in your home. It can range from a lighter tone of purple for a soothing and feminine feel or Or you can go for a deeper purple colour for a sense of luxury and vibrance to your home.

Purple living room

The colour purple is also suitable for the creative type, because it can accommodate other colours in the room for a vibrant look.

Dark purple wall with frames


Green represents the colour of life, renewal and of nature and energy. It can also bring on charming effects such as apartment.

Green living room

The colour green is also very soothing for the eyes. Green represents life, and adding plants in your home provides a therapeutic effect on your well-being.

Dark green living room wall

If you don’t know, green has also been associated with money, finances and banking if you are looking for a lucky colour to increase your finances.


Blue is a colour that helps slows down human metabolism and also creates a calming effect on the mind. If you are looking for a soothing effect – imagine coming home and be reminded as if you are in Santorini, you can renovate your home with deep blues and white to recreate the beautiful vibe of the Greek destination.

Deep blues and white living room

Or you can play with different shades of blue like this (name of location and type of flat).

Blue is also associated with loyalty and symoblises trust. You can spruce up your home for that luxe feel and blue is also a great complementary colour to purple.

Luxe blue bedroom wall


White is a must-have in the home, to balance other colours in your home. Moreover, white is a colour of purity and safety. Most of all, it provides calm and is soothing, used most often in bathrooms and kitchens.

White kitchen

White is also a neutral colour, and it can absorb other colours. It has also been used as the primary colour in a living room.

White sofa

The colour is most suitable if you are looking to create a space for reflection and clarity. A home space with white and nature draws one’s attention and is very welcoming.


Last but not least, even though grey is of a darker tone and can be regarded as a moody colour, it is also surprisingly sophisticated just like this apartment.

Grey living room wall

Grey is also a soothing colour to the eyes and it provides a sense of calm and stability.

Grey cabinets