Your Outdoor Corner Within The Comfort of Your Home

Balcony, patio or deck are frequently called wasted space in property buyers’ terms. Whereas, homes are getting smaller and most people would prefer to have more rooms.

Nevertheless, with proper planning and designing for the outdoor space, you may create a perfect outdoor hangout area to chill or a small space for your gardening.

Here are a few renovation ideas for you to explore:


The main point of placing different outdoor tiles is that they helped you to define the room space for each area; while aesthetically it looks more pleasing or attractive to oneself. However, one has to be mindful of maintenance and durability of the outdoor flooring.

Image of flooring

Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor blinds used to have their main purpose of blocking the various weather into your outdoor corner and also to provide you with some privacy. Nowadays, outdoor blinds have additional benefits such as blocking out pests and protect your exterior furniture from weather wear and tear; in which prolong the furniture. Versatility furnishes more reasons for you to invest in outdoor blinds.

Image of  outdoor blinds


Lighting set a diverse ambience during the night. Ultimately, lights are to show you the way of where you are walking. Additionally, it enhances your outdoor space and encourages you to spend time in the area, where it might be cooler at night to hangout.

Image of ambience lighting


Grow some greenery! Add nature to cultivate the nature vibes for this space. Exposure to nature helps one to calm their nerves, reduce stress, and increase pleasant feelings.

Alternative, you may grow herbs, or vegetables in your garden, when it’s time to harvest, feel free to enjoy the fruits of your harvest. It might save some of your grocery cost. They are also wonderful decor for your balcony.

Image of potted plant


Not leaving this out, after so much work in decorating your outdoor corner, you will love to create an area for you to hang out at times. You can wind down yourself after a hard day of work at this stress-free place to chill or hang out for revitalising yourself. Pick out furniture that you will be comfortable to stay for long.

Image of beanbag corner

Finally, with this corner well designed, you might just get an Instagram worthy spot or Pinterest worthy area at your cosy place. If you have any troubles with decorating on your own, there is always an option for an interior designer to help you design the whole concept which goes along with your home. Click here to find your preferred interior designer to design your home today!