Yum Yum – Taiwan Food Delicacies


It’s the time of the year to travel again! Is Taiwan your next destination? As we all know, Taiwan is a food PARADISE. There are so many different types of food to trigger your taste buds it leaves you totally spoilt for choice!

If you worry that you may not have the stamina to try everything, let me pick out for you the top eats that you definitely have to try when you are there! Let’s feast away!

Hot Star Fried Chicken

The chicken is not only huge but the meat is oh-so juicy! The chicken is so crispy and the meat is really tender! If you are a meat lover, this is definitely first on your list!

Big Sausage Wrap 大腸包小腸

Big sausage wrap consists of using glutinous rice to wrap their Taiwan sausage. Mixed with their special sauce, it is definitely a delicacy not to be missed!

Squidto 黃金賊

This Taiwan delicacy comes in 4 different flavours. They are honey mustard, sweet and sour sauce, basil sauce and sesame sauce!

Taiwan Hamburger

This burger consist of white mantou bread wrapped with pork belly and their special sauce that keeps you wanting more!

Beef Noodles

Beef noodles are one of Taiwan’s most popular food! In every street, you can definitely spot a shop selling them. Their thick broth and chewy noodles is a perfect combination!

Golden Thighs 黃金右腿

Taiwan Takoyaki

Beef Pancakes

This is a traditional breakfast in Taiwan. It is wrapped with beef and various vegetable making it a hearty breakfast choice!

Smelly Tofu

This tofu has a very strong distinct smell that may not be favourable to everyone. But, if you are at Taiwan, no harm trying. Who knows you may be a fan of it!

A-yu Jelly Drink 青蛙下蛋

Fried Oysters

Fried oysters in Taiwan is slightly different from Singapore’s. Instead of dipping into chilli, a special sauce will be poured over the fried oysters.

Yam Dessert