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19 Eighty Three is a passionate interior design consultancy founded in twenty eighteen. Our team comprises a vibrant mix of experienced designers and Interior Design Graduates. Driven by a strong passion for interior design, the team strives to deliver bespoke spaces for our clients.

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It is with great pleasure that we write this testimonial
5.0[ Design 5.00 | Workmanship 5.00 | Customer Service 5.00 | Value for Money 5.00 ]

It is with great pleasure that we write this testimonial for Bow from 19EightyThree. Bow is an exceptional interior designer who is passionate and extremely knowledgeable about her work. Our relationship began with Bow 1 year ago when a friend highly recommended her to design our new apartment. (She did an outstanding job for our friend too). We love pastel colors with a Scandinavian theme, and we wanted people to step into the house and feel as though they stepped into a cafe. Bow’s brilliant design and creativity for our home far exceeded our expectations! Because we were so thrilled and blessed with her design, we asked Bow to decide, room by room, the color as well as most of the household items including necessities.

Bow’s design package included choosing wall colors, artwork, carpets, tiles, window panels, pieces of furniture in the house, and much more. Bow demonstrated an impressive level of expertise and professionalism throughout the entire renovation process.

The build was done by Clover Space. Gary and his team displayed unparalleled project capabilities by resolving common renovation hiccups as well as being extremely patient and accommodating. They displayed a very high level of commitment and responsibility. With a perfect combination, our dream home came to life.

We believe Bow is the epitome of excellence in her field – She has an incredible talent!
We highly recommend Bow and we look forward to working with her for many years to come.

Best Regards
Douglas & Xueling

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Shi Hwei and team had a consistent track record and they delivered yet again!
5.0[ Design 5.00 | Workmanship 5.00 | Customer Service 5.00 | Value for Money 5.00 ]

I first chanced upon 19eightythree when I was browsing Qanvast. Their portfolio are actual photos, not 3D renderings, and yet very captivating. The use of lightings and the details of the carpentry is very subtle yet on point. It is obvious that they pay attention to every detail.

Their pricing is unique and transparent. They included furnishings such as sofa, curtains and lightings in the budget, and they do not give you the most basic quote and ask you to top up for premium materials halfway through the renovation. They also ask for your budget upfront and advise if it is feasible or what has to be compromised (eg buy loose furnishing instead of built in) before renovation. This makes the reno journey more enjoyable as we don’t have to worry if there will be hidden costs along the way.

Shi Hwei was able to give us very good design advice and ideas, and the end product is so much more than I’ve ever imagined even with my extensive online research. She is very detailed in her designs, and she spent a lot of effort shortlisting suitable materials for us. For our tv console, she hopped a couple of shops, shamelessly asked for 500+ samples before shortlisting 5 for us to choose from. This was very different from my past reno experience when I was just given a catalogue and I had to imagine what the end product will be like.

Shi Hwei and the Cloverspace team is also very responsive, always trying to answer our questions, and during renovations, we would receive updates of what’s going on. Despite the tight timeline, the team was able to readjust the schedule so that we could move in on time. As expected of any reno, there will always be things that require rectifications. Shi Hwei and team would rectify straight away, sometimes even without our prompting. That’s the level of professionalism they exude!

We certainly have a very enjoyable renovation journey with Shi Hwei and team, and I’d highly recommend them.

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Designer Bow was very easy to work with
4.8[ Design 5.00 | Workmanship 4.00 | Customer Service 5.00 | Value for Money 5.00 ]
  • Benjamin Huang reviewed 4 months ago
  • last edited 4 months ago

Designer Bow was very easy to work with and we had a pleasant experience throughout our whole renovation. She was able to produce the design and outcome that she envisage for our apartment. When the reno was completed, she was very precise on the quality of the carpentry and electrical installation. Most of the defects were rectified even before it was pointed out by us. Their main contractor and suppliers were also very friendly and prompt in doing touch up and change out for us when required. Overall, I will recommend 19EightyThree to my friends and family.

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Ben is our creative mastermind
4.8[ Design 5.00 | Workmanship 4.00 | Customer Service 5.00 | Value for Money 5.00 ]
  • Marcus Aurelius Goh reviewed 11 months ago
  • last edited 4 months ago

Ben is our creative mastermind behind our monochrome themed house. We approached Ben with not many ideas but only the theme. It didn’t take him long to produce the mood board and presented the elements and details of the design. We were convinced by his passion and dedication in his work from design to transparent communication between CloverSpace and us to completion of the renovation.

Ben does not mince his thoughts and will openly express his opinion yet allowing us to provide feedback to our preference. This is the reason why we chose him for his flair in design and eye for details.

We’re impressed with the team at 19eightythree for working together to turn our house into a living space called home. Special thanks to SH for the elevated drawings and Bow for the accessories and furnishing.

We also want to take this opportunity to express our thanks & gratitude to the CloverSpace team for your hard work and professionalism in managing the site and providing us with updates when work is done. We also want to thank you for listening & accommodating to our requests (no matter how last minute), and attending to them. Well done Gary, William & Finna!

We could not have asked for a better team with such high synergy with each other. This could not have happened without all your dedicated teamwork. Thank you!

-Facebook Review

We choose Ben as our ID
4.8[ Design 5.00 | Workmanship 5.00 | Customer Service 5.00 | Value for Money 4.00 ]
  • James Koh reviewed 1 year ago
  • last edited 4 months ago

We choose Ben as our ID because his past projects always give us the right feeling that we wanted. Working with Ben is easy and hassle free. Just by giving him the a rough idea on how we want for our house and he is able to deliver something amazing. He Bao almost everything for us, from choosing of wallpaper , tiles , lighting and furnishing etc … making my renovation such a Breeze …. In the end, the final product is Tok Gong too. If u want to your house to have a show flat feel, just look for Ben. Thanks Ben and his team for making a dream house come true.

-Facebook Review

We worked with Ben for the renovation
4.5[ Design 5.00 | Workmanship 4.00 | Customer Service 5.00 | Value for Money 4.00 ]

We worked with Ben for the renovation of our new house and he was an absolute pleasure to work with. We loved Ben’s design aesthetics and he was able to marry his ideas with our concepts. His designs are beautiful, sophisticated yet practical. Also, he was absolutely transparent with his pricing and was able to design according to our budget.

After the work was done, we realised that we were not satisfied with some decisions made and he was more than happy to help us with some minor rectifications.

Some months after our renovations, Ben realised that we were overcharged and he made it a point to meet up with us again to return us the extra cash. If he didn’t contact us, we would never have known! Much love to him for this kind act.

As a person, Ben is very honest, communicative and has a passion for making homes beautiful. You will never regret working with Ben and his team at 19EightyThree!

-Facebook Review

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