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3D Innovations Design Pte. Ltd. is a renovation contractor specialising in residential projects for HDB flats and private developments. We were inaugurated as Chern Hock Renovation contractor in 1982. As an ISO 9001 awarded company, we strive to provide service excellence as well as design and development work to the highest standards of the industry.

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Good workmanship!
5.0[ Design 5.00 | Workmanship 5.00 | Customer Service 5.00 | Value for Money 5.00 ]

3D innovation & designer Jensen Ling did a great job. Designed my living room and it was so beautiful. Good workmanship and the price is also reasonable. Designer Jensen Ling is a very responsible and help person who does things fast.

Very understanding and patient
4.3[ Design 5.00 | Workmanship 4.00 | Customer Service 4.00 | Value for Money 4.00 ]

all the while me and my husband wanted to change our kitchen cabinets which were very old. My sister in law recommended 3D innovations to us. A very big thank you to Stanley Tan from Tradehub Branch for his kind understanding and pateince. Always trying his best to coordinate my timing with his contractors. The workmanship is good. we are very happy with our new kitchen cabinet!

4.0[ Design 4.00 | Workmanship 4.00 | Customer Service 4.00 | Value for Money 4.00 ]

Allan Chee was my ID and he transformed my new house! He was professional in his advice and services and he was there to sort out the various issues that come up during reno. Once again, a big thanks to Allan.

Beware!! 3D Innovations Design ID man Allan Chee
1.0[ Design 1.00 | Workmanship 1.00 | Customer Service 1.00 | Value for Money 1.00 ]
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3D Innovations (orig from Sin Ming Branch)
Designer’s Name: Allan Chee (self titled $2M award winning ID man)
Date of Renovation: Aug 2017

We paid 50% of the total reno cost to get work started. The promised 3D drawings was delayed more than a week. When eventually it arrived, the drawing was totally out of dimension, distorted and simply ugly. I believed the images- copied and pasted from other projects.
Allan blamed his draftsman whom he claims was sacked. Demolition work already started and we had to proceed without any design.

Allan Chee, was always late for appointment. And even if he turns up – he was always on the phone, chatting. I was overseeing the project more than him. We had to update Allan on the progress/mistakes of the renovation.

Mistakes and workmanship 

Tiling workmanship is good but made many mistakes because ID Allan Chee did not give proper instructions. He was never at the work site and rely on the sub con to feed back on dimensions. Two of my bedroom door frames were wrongly dismantled and when pointed out to Allan, he replaced them with a shorter frame. We had to re-redo the door frames again. Tiling at both bathroom redo several times due to no proper instructions. Infact, we were coordinating with the tiler directly
Plumber laid the pipes wrongly. No provision for pipings for Storage Heater. Had to hack off some tiles to relay the pipes again.

We spoke to his team leader on many occasions. When he did not even turn up for the final meeting, that we approached 3D’ management to terminate the contract. His team leader Denn Lim took over and complete the outstanding renovations as we cancelled the electrical and woodworks. Denn did a marvellous job and show much responsibility which Allan Chee has none.
Opinion on Designer (Allan Chee)
Allan Chee, initially, strikes out to be a nice and smooth talker. During initial discussion, he was able to get quotations within 10-15mins. He showed many images of projects (I doubt it is his projects, maybe copied from other projects). Claiming to be an award wining designer. Immediately after the deposit paid, Allan showed his true character. Arrogant, boastful, irresponsible, showy and most of all, he is not knowledgeable and is not able to follow through the renovations. I doubt his qualification

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