Happy with my home
5.0[ Design 5.00 | Workmanship 5.00 | Customer Service 5.00 | Value for Money 5.00 ]




Renovation for my ice cream business
5.0[ Design 5.00 | Workmanship 5.00 | Customer Service 5.00 | Value for Money 5.00 ]

Excellent service from Aloy Koh! Engaged him for my ice cream business renovation. Alot of ups and downs due to licensing requirement and keep troubling Mr Aloy Koh, felt really bad about it and he didn’t complain at all.
Amazing follow up skills with his guys and make sure everything goes well and meet our deadlines. Thumbs up for him.
Aloy, if you see this. Just drop by ‘The Naughty Corner’ and whatever you order it’s on the house 🙂





"Nicole - Proactive and flexible ID with great practical design"
4.5[ Design 4.00 | Workmanship 4.00 | Customer Service 5.00 | Value for Money 5.00 ]
Nicole brought with her years of experience, and able to provide very practical recommendations on the home design to ensure our home not only look good, but livable. She is also considerate towards our budget and would provide cost savings recommendation. Her positive attitude and flexibility in managing the ever changing scenarios due to the CB period is commendable. She gave us confidence that the project will be completed in time and has been resourceful to move the tasks around to make things work. Love this home design journey with her and will definitely recommend her to my friends and family.
Oriental Theme
5.0[ Design 5.00 | Workmanship 5.00 | Customer Service 5.00 | Value for Money 5.00 ]
We went to Carpenters after seeing their Chinese Theme design in one of their Facebook post. We were attracted to the design.

During the initial meet up, Jas gave us the confident in her work and she knew what we wanted.

Unfortunately, our renovation was stopped half way during the COVID period. Jas was very thoughtful and she helped to covered up all drainages to prevent mosquitoes breeding during the no work period. As the Government relax the restriction, she immediately spring to work and made necessary arrangements to ensure our renovation was back on track. Keeping us updated throughout the Circuit Breaker period.

Although there was a mad rush to complete our project, their works were not compromised. Their workmanships remain good. We are extremely happy with their cabinets’ works, high quality and made to perfection.

Thank you, Carpenters and Jas!

Great work for night Cheong project form Carpenters
5.0[ Design 5.00 | Workmanship 5.00 | Customer Service 5.00 | Value for Money 5.00 ]
I would like to thanks to our ID Night Cheong for his dedicated efforts to do for us the renovation in the very tight period of time. We are very satisfied to thank enough to recommend Night Cheong to our family & friend. The whole design and Concepts is awsome in the great work.and the combination is the part that’s I’m really like the most. Well done Night and thanks again for your passion and wonderful work.


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