When Contractors Go MIA: My Experience with J & H Furnishings Pte Ltd

by Linda Ng
March 29, 2023, 4:53 pm
After the site meeting, I consulted a relative who is experienced with trellis, he told me to use powder coated Aluminium for the shelter instead of Galvanised Steel as over time steel will rust when in prolonged contact with rainwater and the water will stain the walls, poles etc. I conveyed the message to Jim over whatsapp (black & white purpose), however he chose to deal over phone calls. He said “no problem, we can use powder coated Aluminium for you. The price is about the same as Galvanised Steel.” In the end, they still use Galvanised Steel. We obtained the URA approval on 18 Feb 2022, and MCST approval for renovation on 8 Mar 2022. On 5 Mar, Jim requested for a 40% payment as they were about to start work. However, they did not start work until 14 Mar 2022 citing bad weather. Ok fine, we accept it anyway. 18 Mar 2022 they completed the trellis work, very fast progress. Faster than we expected, hence we were not present to inspect the works and we only saw through the whatsapp photos sent. The next day I brought my relative with me to inspect the trellis done, he commented that some rectification is required otherwise we might face roof leakage in the years to come. So we texted Jim and he called back to say “no problem, let me arrange for you”. Those were the last words we heard from J & H furnishings. Jim had asked for a 20% payment upon completion of the trellis but I held that payment because rectification is required. In our quotation, we had also confirmed the installation of zipblinds to be done by J & H Furnishings, but they went MIA since the completion of trellis. Our multiple whatsapp messages were ignored. We wrote on their facebook page, they deleted my first post. Subsequently, they DM-ed us on 14 May to ask for our name, contact number and invoice number. They said to update up on the progress on 17 May, but proceeded to either delete their FB page or blocked us because we could not access the page anymore.

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