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Whether you’re new to renovating your place or already an experienced individual, it’s always fruitful to have multiple interior design experts bid on your project. This is what we make possible! At Renodots, we believe in providing realistic quotations that give you an accurate estimate of your renovation cost. We help you clear the confusion associated with your project’s cost by matching you with interior designers based on your requirements.
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“Very convenient platform with excellent customer service by helping us to find the right ID based on our requirements and budget. Highly recommend new homeowners to enquire with Renodots.”


“The whole process was hassle-free. The ID recommended was very experienced and able to provide practical recommendations. She is considerate towards our budget and has great project management. Very thankful to Renodots for making my renovation run so smoothly.”

Philip Tan

“I was searching online for ideas for my 4-room BTO and came across this website. Looking a few design and send the quote to request for my renovation works. The response was fast and their support staff was very friendly and advise me on a few pointers to note when searching for IDs. Would recommend this platform to those looking for renovation :)”

Wee Leong

“I love reading their articles especially the launches of BTO. Good job renodots!”


“I got my ID through this website. Despite with a few choices of Interior Design Firms recommended by the platform, we manage to get one that meet our budget. Thanks Renodots! Also a big thumb up to the friendly support staff.”

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