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Go green : An Introduction to Eco-Green Lifestyle

You may have heard of terms such as “going green” and “being eco-friendly”, but have you heard the term “eco-lifestyle”? Some people in Singapore have already adopted such lifestyles in order to gain benefits for the planet, eco-system and themselves. Such examples includes reducing wastage of materials, cutting down on trash and replacing one-time-use items with recyclable materials

So what does leading an eco-lifestyle actually mean?

An eco-lifestyle means for people to adopt and commit small, positive changes to their current lifestyles in order to reduce waste and help to save or conserve energy. It is about living your life in a more environmentally friendly way by reconsidering our actions for the environment, and these actions can help reduce carbon footprint and preserve the natural benefits of our world. They may include minimizing food waste, having eco-friendly home decoration and furnishing, cutting down usage of unrenewable sources, and the old 3 Rs mantra – “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. Examples of such actions include our decision to cut down on energy usage, change the type of transport we take, create our own compost bins for our gardens, or even grow our own vegetables.

Helping to preserve our environment is vital for us to create a more sustainable world. This is a forward-thinking step, and can help many generations ahead of us. We may be required to give up un-renewable sources in the near future as well; hence, starting an eco-green lifestyle now is never too early.

You may find yourself feeling happier and more fulfilled as helping to preserve the environment is tremendously significant for everyone’s (and your own) health. You might even start to discover spare cash in your pockets as reducing waste and recycling items helps to save cost of living. Exercising will also leave you rejuvenated from long hours of work, and educating yourself with more knowledge on conserving can widen your expanse of expertise. With that said, leading an eco-green lifestyle definitely earns you numerous benefits and advantages, not only just for the environment, but for you and your family as well. While it may not be completely possible to forget your old lifestyle and embrace a new and foreign routine immediately, making consistent and modest improvements to your lifestyle is much more essential and imperative in order to make the bigger difference in the long run.

Renodots eco-green living section will help you out with changing your lifestyle to better suit your family and the environment, and for you to pick up some skills, tips and tricks along the way. Together with us, we hope to leave you feeling happier and healthier, all the while leading an environmentally-sustainable, improved lifestyle.