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Starry Homestead Pte Ltd is a one-stop interior design firm that offers customised renovation services. We take pride in bringing inspired and intelligent solutions, making us one of Singapore’s most preferred interior design firms. At Starry Homestead, we make living better as a premier, full-service, CaseTrust-RCMA accredited interior design firm that offers customised interior design and renovation services.





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Professional and Dedicated Designer
Professionalism ・ 5 | Workmanship ・ 5 | Design ・ 5 | Project Management ・ 5

Both my husband and I can vouch for Thomas’ professionalism, creative thinking and design sense. He had recommended design aspects that no other ID had thought of, incorporating both functionality and design thinking into his recommendations. Thomas was able to mould his proposed design exactly according to our needs and lifestyle, and from our interactions with a few other IDs, we had found that this was quite a rarity in the industry. Many IDs we met tried to fit our house into their usual proposed/signature style/layout and not the other way round. In our engagements, Thomas was also friendly, approachable and super prompt. Pricing-wise, Starry was also a lot more affordable than we had imagined it to be, especially with the number of accolades the firm has amassed. We strongly strongly recommend Starry and Thomas to homeowners looking to renovate. We hope you will be able to benefit as much from Thomas as my hubby and I did.

Satisfied Homeowner
Professionalism ・ 5 | Workmanship ・ 4 | Design ・ 5 | Project Management ・ 5

After meeting various interior designers, what stood out for Starry Homestead's Nicky was that she is extremely sincere and professional in providing her expertise in helping us build our dream home. As new homeowners, we are thankful that she willingly went the extra mile in guiding us through the renovation process. Given her packed schedule, we are grateful that she has been very accommodating to our schedules as well, and even tried to save time for us by liaising with other vendors for us when we are not available during work hours.She often took initiative in certain decisions which contributes to the aesthetics of our home. When we observe her interactions with the contractors, her experience in the field is prominent, which make the entire process very comfortable for us as we felt that we could trust her to make the technical decisions for us. Anther notable point is that during the renovation process, she had a strict timeline in place for her contractors, and also keep us in the loop with pictures on site, such that we could have a peace of mind in letting her handle the renovation progress.We really appreciate Nicky's eye for detail, and felt that we could trust her tips and judgement during the design phase. It was a very collaborative experience, where she provides professional inputs to our preferences, and her suggestions contributed to a home that we are satisfied with. Thank you Nicky, it was great working with you!

Positive attitude, good service & friendly!
Professionalism ・ 5 | Workmanship ・ 5 | Design ・ 5 | Project Management ・ 5

We would like to commend the designer for his professionalism, enthusiasm, positive attitude, good service and friendliness. He’s very willing to share his knowledge and always giving good advices. He took a lot of pride in his work and we are very comfortable communicating with him and his responds are always fast. Would definitely recommend him to friends and relatives who needs a good ID. Thumbs up!

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