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Chance upon Renodots website through Facebook with many inspired photos. Was attracted to one of the projects featured in their Facebook and try to submit my quote through the site and received a few quotes/call within a day and we have finally confirmed the interior designer firm which offer attractive package to us which is within our budget.

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Got our condo key in Feb and we have encountered many issues with the current renovator and the renovation came to a halt.I was surfing this website and submit requestfor partial renovation and manage to find an interior designer who took up our job and offering many advises to us!

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It’s really very tiring to drop by every showroom to ask for quotation and was referred by a friend to submit my requirements through this site. Well got quotations from IDs however we go any of them due to budget constraint but worth a try to use this platform especially of lazy people like me!

Enjoy your renovation journey peeps!

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