416C Fernvale Link - Woodcraft Interior Design

June 28th 2022

416C Fernvale Link - Woodcraft Interior Design

Woodcraft Interior is a reputable interior design firm that is sure to transform any boring space into the ideal home. The designers at Woodcraft Interior have a sharp eye for detail and an unprecedented level of creativity that makes your home look interesting but not too overwhelming. The designers will work with you closely in order to make sure that everything in the house is exactly as you like it. Just take a look at one of their projects in a humble abode in Fernvale that transformed it from a regular flat into a classy and elegant space.

Foyer / Living room 

When you first enter the home, you’ll be greeted by soft, muted tones of brown wood that is smartly contrasted with white marble. This choice of colours and textures seamlessly blend natural elements with a regal feeling that makes the foyer look majestic but in a subtle manner.

The living room is decorated in a simple but effective way. The white marble extend to the living room and covers the walls while the floor is covered in light wooden planks. The furniture has also been chosen to match. This creates a cohesive look whereby every element in the living room plays an important role in maintaining the elegance of the room. Some pop of colour from the plants also adds vibrancy to the room so it does not look too dull.

Kitchen / Dining room

 The living room, dining room and kitchen are located beside each other in an open concept. The kitchen and dining room area are separated by a partition wall that also functions as a display for your wines and glasses.

The kitchen features sleek dark cabinets with gold lining to create a royal look. There are plenty of cabinets for you to store all your utensils or food items so you never have to worry about a cluttered kitchen. The symmetry and cleanliness of lines help to create a neat look in your kitchen as well (even the fridge!).

The dining room is a cosy place for you and your guests to have a casual meal together. The central island with high chairs is a classic layout for most houses with big kitchens and for good reason! This simple layout with an overhead strip lighting helps in creating a comfortable ambience and allows you to interact with your guests.


The bedroom emphasises more on natural elements by having a completely wooden bedframe and flooring. This sets a calming and relaxing tone that will surely put you to sleep every night.

An added bonus of the bedroom is for those of you who have extensive closets as there is abundant closet space that comes with the bedroom. Not just for clothes, you can store other items such as miscellaneous items including bags, household items or shoes.


The bathroom has a simple and minimalistic design. The large grey tiles do not stain as easily as white tiles and the slight marble effect contributes to the overall theme of the entire house. Notice how the cabinets used in the bathroom are the same as those in the kitchen to ensure continuity of design. Surely you can tell how much thought was put into this project!

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